Sunday, June 19, 2005


Doctor Who Finished

Well, at least series one is and what an ending. I think that this Dalek storyline will probably be at the top of my favourites. Rose is probably the first companion who hasn't said lets just leave it here and go back home. Maybe not but the point was made that she didn't and I can think of quite a few other companions who did make that suggestion. Maybe that is why the Doctor wanted her home when things looked too dark. I was a little disappointed that the Dalek God wasn't Davros. I kind of expected him to be. But then maybe he had become so like the Daleks themselves that you couldn't tell it really was Davros. Anyway, a great ending and I really do hope that there are more Dalek storylines in the pipeline. Still going to miss Christopher Eccleston and I really have my doubts about David Tennent. But then I wasn't to sure about Eccleston and he grew on me so hopefully this will be the same. I'm looking forward to the Christmas special and of course the second series. There has been mention that the Cybermen are going to make an appearance (other than a head in a museum) so I can't wait to see that. There is even talks of a third series so lets hope it goes from strength to strength.

My overall view of this series is that it was a lot better than I expected it to be. When asked before there was talk of a new series would I like to see it back. My answer was that it would be nice but it really wouldn't be the same. I thought that it should be left alone and it shouldn't be spoiled by people trying to bring it back. When I heard that it was definitely coming back to our screens I was a little skeptical although I have to admit excited. I was disappointed to learn that Christopher Eccleston was going to play the part and that his costume would be a leather jacket. I was even more disapointed that Billie Piper was going to play the part of companion. I can safely say that these disappointment and skepticism disappeared completely after the first two episodes. i have enjoyed the lot and I really can't wait for the boxset to come out.

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