Thursday, June 30, 2005


More Death of rats and a new start

I am almost finished "Death of Rats" and all I have left to do is the blade of his scythe and his whiskers. I plan to do this tonight so that tomorrow I will have a finished image for you. Handsome chap isn't he? I have to admit that he isn't one of the prettiest design I have done. But then I don't think any of Terry Pratchetts Discworld characters were ever described as pretty. This is the first thing I have ever stitched for the boyfriend so I hope he likes it. Strange since we have been seeing each other eight years. The real reason is that he is fussy. While he takes an interest in my stitching he has never really thought of anything for himself. He has only ever requested two. One was a star wars image and it had to be a certain which I did manage to make on the computer. He changed his mind though (I was a little relieved as it would have taken me years to do it was so big). He then wanted a wolf but didn't like any of the designs I showed him. So I told him that if he finds one that he likes on the net I would stitch it for him. That was a few years ago and I am still waiting. Anyway, I am sure he will like this one. I think it will appeal to his sense of humour.

Since I can't stitch this with the boyfriend there I started another design yesterday. I decided to look out a flower fairy design since I have been itching to stitch one. I chose the Wild Cherry Blossom Fairy and am stitching her on a blue sparkly fabric. I don't have a photo for you as my digital camera isn't very good. All you see is lots of sparkles. I am going to be brave and try making a pillow for it using my mum sewing machine. I'll wait until I have finished though and then I will stitch another for my sister (different flower fairy though).

I do have a new digital camera (now named my baby) but I have yet to learn how to download the photo's onto the computer. It is surprising the difference in quality of photo it takes compared to my old one (maybe not so surprising since the old one is years old). And it is very cute. Until I learn how to use it properly I will just have to make do with what I have got so bare with me.

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