Thursday, June 02, 2005


New Knitting Skills

I still think of myself as a newbie to knitting. Even though I used to knit on and off when I was little. Even after knitting a bunch of dolls when I was in high school. I never really got beyond the stocking stitch of the plain stitch. I knew how to do ribbed stitching but I never had reason to do it. I think I may have done it once when I began knitting a baby cardigan once when I was little. It never did get finished which is probably just as well since the wool and colours I chose were horrendous. As I said I never got beyond the stocking stitch. Even when I have taken it up again. The two scarves I have made have just used plain stitching and the purse was just stocking.

I bought Simply Knitting and it has in it a pattern for a bag that I quite liked. I decided that I was going to give it a go. I dutifully wrote down all the wool colours and the make. I went out to the shop and then realised that the wool labels do not name the colours but instead have codes. I was going to give up but then realised I wasn't sure when I would be able to come back in and I really want to get started. So I knew the make which is the important thing the colours I could guess. Of course I got them completely wrong but at least they all match. The one that did confuse me was that one colour was described as Jelly. What kind of colour is that? I seriously stood there for about 15 minutes trying to work out which colour seemed more jelly like. Common sense then kicked in and I picked the one that went best with the rest of the wool.

I got home and got to work straight away and learned a new skill. It's called moss knitting. It's so simple that but it just never occurred to me to try this. All you have to do is knit one purl one for the entire row and then repeat this on the next row. It's quite a nice effect. Almost bobbly like. I also wondered about knitted bags. I mean how strong can they be? This pattern recommends that you use three balls of wool at the same time to add more strength. Again it would never have occurred to me to try that. Guess I'm just not the imaginative type when it comes to knitting. With any luck I will have it finished soon and I will be able to post a picture. Also, with any luck the colours I have chosen will still look nice. I am a little worried that it is going to look too much like football colours.

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