Sunday, June 26, 2005


The stitching itch

I haven't had the stitching itch in a very long time. Not since I put down "The Castle" and really haven't had the urge to pick it back up again. The very thought bores me. I have done a few things since then but I haven't itched to do them. To be quite honest I haven't felt the need to do any crafts lately. Well, apart from crochet which didn't go so well. I have made a few cards over the last few weeks but haven't liked them enough to post pictures of.

Last night I bought the latest edition of "The World of Cross Stitching". Nothing in it that I got excited about. Actually I have been late in buying these magazines because I haven't got excited about any of them. Anyway, I was paying more attention to it then I have done recently. When I noticed an advert for a new Lavender and Lace design, Celtic Winter. I have the charts for all the other Celtic ladies but still haven't stitched them. Seeing this one though I must have just stared at it for about five minutes. Isn't she gorgeous? The memories of stitching Celtic Christmas came flooding back. Not once did I get bored from stitching her. I loved the colours. You would think that after a while I would get bored from all those reds but I didn't. I loved the smell and the feel of the linen. Stitching that design just seemed to feel so smooth.

So it is now pounding in my head 'must stitch' over and over. Picking out one of the many kits I have lying around won't do. I have to stitch this one. So next week I intend to buy this one and start stitching her straight away. It feels good to have this itch again. Although I will be honest that I do feel guilty for leaving the Castle behind. I have a horrible feeling that it will never be finished.

The stitching itch is stronger for Celtic Winter but I have a lesser one for another design. I have an almost overwhelming urge to stitch some flower fairies. I stitched a few for my mum but that was quite a while ago. Now I would like to stitch some for myself. I don't want them framed though. I am thinking of making some cushions for myself and my sister. We'll see how quickly Celtic Winter takes to get here.

This new picture facility is fun. Your previous blog drew it to my attention! Thanks. I know it says on the front page but I sleepwalk through these things at unearthly hours!!!

I read your piece on classical music with interest. I got into it through Stravinsky as many of his compositions use pop rhythms. He explores all periods of classical music so it was a way into each one for me.

What instrument did you play in the school orchestra and do you still play it? I'm ashamed to say that despite having trained as a composer, at uni, I don't play my clarinets much anymore but occasionally switch on my electric piano!

Best wishes, Tim
Hi Karen

Why don't you join me, Carol, Jenn and Katrina when we do the Celtic Winter SAL later this summer?
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