Sunday, July 31, 2005


CW and Blakes 7

I have done a little more of CW than I thought. Stitching with all those whites and grays is definitely a little boring. There are a lot of colour changes just now so it isn't too boring. As I progress it will look more like the bottom of her dress. I'm hoping that this development will prevent me from becoming really bored. Stitching on linen again though is a sheer pleasure and I don't know why I have left it so long to do again. Tonight I work on The Castle. Already I can feel that I am going to have to force myself. And just when you thought that there would be no more bookmarks I have joined another exchange. This one isn't organised by me so It won't be too time consuming. This one is on craftster and we get to chose what medium we use. I am thinking of doing something a little bit different which will be fun.

While I was stitching and making those cards from the previous post I have been watching Blakes7. I bought series two during the week and have been really enjoying it. I hadn't seen many of the last series but in this one I have only seen the first one. I now know how Gan dies and I got to see the second Travis. I have to admit that I prefer psycho Travis to the one in the first series. I'm guessing it is at the end of this series that Blake leaves but for that I will just have to wait and see as I am about half way through it. Hopefully I won't wait as long to get the next one.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Some cards and yet another bookmark

I did some shopping today. The art store in town has just been renovated and I was dying to see what it was like. There is a huge difference. It's so bright now and there seems to be more room. They also stock more craft items and it's a lot easier to find things. I didn't go mad although I could have. I just bought the paper I was wanting and some beads. When I got home the first thing I did was make those Harry Potter cards I have been wanting to make. I had bought a pack of cream cards made from corrugated card and I had to use them. I decided to use playing cards rather than the top trumps. I also made a Disney Princess bookmark to go with the booklet I made earlier in the week. All I did was punch four holes into the bottom of the card then strung some beads onto some floss. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.

Oh, I also finally learned how to use my digital camera thanks to my dad (still haven't read the manual).


Bookmark Round Robin

The Bookmark round robin (really an exchange) that I organised a while ago is now finished. Isabel has still to receive the one I made for her since I only sent it yesterday but everyone else has theirs. Everyone also managed to come up with something a little bit different. These are the three bookmarks I received from Jossan, Isabelle and Fiona. They all took into consideration my favourite colours and the fact that I like fantasy. I absolutely love them. It was a lot of fun and this was the second round robin I organised. Thankfully both turned out well. I don't think that I would organise another one though. Not for a while anyway.

I didn't do any stitching on Thursday after all. I was back to my book again. I managed to finish Captain Bluebear and I will do a review of it later. I did some stitching last night though although admittedly not a lot. I will post a picture of that later too.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Captain Bluebear

I have a small confession to make. I have done absolutely no stitching in the last few days. Instead I have been reading. I will do some tonight since I will be working on CW. I am still reading Captain Bluebear and really enjoying it. As well as the story I am enjoying the illustrations. I came up with the idea of using the illustrations to make cards. Since I don't want to ruin my book I tried to copy them. This is my first attempt and for someone who can't draw I am really pleased with the way it turned out. I thought I was going to have to resort to tracing. I added a relevant quote to from the book at the bottom to set it off. In case you can't read it, "I continued to toil across the viscous surface until I came to a cluster of harpoons protruding from the whales back." I realise this is a copyright issue but it's for personal use only. I have no intentions of selling them. I didn't mean for the drawing to be so big. There are a number of other illustrations I want to use and I am going to see if I can maybe do it on a smaller scale.

I still plan on making some more Disney and HP cards. I need to get some more papers. I have plenty but just not in the colours I want. So Saturday is shopping day and hopefully I will get more done. A big thank you to all the lovely comments for the first Disney card I made.

Monday, July 25, 2005



No stitching. Last night I was too tired to do much of anything so I just went straight to my bed. Today I could have done some stitching but after browsing on craftster I was inspired to do something else. The Craftster organiser has been setting craft challenges. In one of them some gorgeous stationary was made using playing cards. I had intended on doing something similar but completely forgot all about it. Then Kendaljay reminded me by making these lovely cards and saying she got her inspiration from the ones I had originally saw. The above is my attempt. After decorating the front using some papers and a Disney Happy Families card I wondered what I could use it for. I don't really use notelets. My letters tend to be long winded and even my short notes wouldn't fit on this. So I decided to add sheets of paper to the centre. This way I can use it by writing a fairly decent sized letter. The sheets inside are green and purple. I plan to make more with the other cards that I have. I also bought a pack of Harry Potter Top Trumps so that I could make a HP set too. Now all I need to do is think of a way to decorate the envelope. I can't use more of the cards since it will make it too heavy.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Arrows Of The Queen by Mercedes Lackey

I did do a little knitting yesterday but I spent most of the day reading. I really got caught up into the Mercedes Lackey book and I wanted to finish it. I should probably point out that I got the title of it wrong in my last post.

Young Talia is hold born and a girl and so is expected to do nothing but obey her elders and her father. She is just turning 13 and her birthday present is that she is told that she will be married. She will get to chose whether she wants to be a first wife or an under wife. Talia chooses neither and runs away. While in hiding she comes across a horse. Not just any horse, a companion to one of the Queen's Herald's. Talia decides to take the companion, Rolan, back to his Herald only to discover that Rolan has chosen her to be his Herlad and the Queens own. Talia has a hard time ahead of her. She will have to befriend the bratty heir and uncover a conspiracy against the Queen and herself. The hardest lesson she will have to learn though is to trust herself and to trust others.

An easy and quick read but also a good one. It was easy to get caught up in the story and I am itching to read the two follow ups. The book actually reminded me a little of Tamora Pierce. I can see why a lot of fantasy fans like her and I will definitely look out for reading more. Mercedes Lackey has her own website if you are interested on learning more.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Whole Day to Myself

I managed to get a little bit more of CW done yesterday than I thought. I have to admit that if it wasn't for the fact that I have an image in my head of what the end result will be I would be bored of all the whites and greys. With CC it was easier because the colours were so vibrant. Today I get to do whatever I am in the mood for. I'm going to pick up my knitting again. I'm in the mood for some bright colours.

Today I have the house to myself. It feels a little strange but I am determined to enjoy it. I have the radio up quite loud and have spent the morning reading. After this I am going to go out and get in some lunch before I decide what to do next. Possibly watch some DVDs while knitting. Or maybe some writing. I also plan to go for a long hot bubble bath.

I'm reading two books at the moment. I finally picked up "The 13 1/2 Lifes of Captain Bluebear" by Walter Moers. I have had it on my shelf for over a year and after I said the other day I had reduced my TBR pile I thought it was about time I made a start on it. I'm only 50 pages into it and I am loving it. So far everyone I know who has read it has raved about it so I didn't really expect not to enjoy it. If you like the surreal then you might like this. i'll go into more detail once I have finished it. I am also reading "The Queens Arrows" by Mercedes Lackey. I haven't read much fantasy in a while and decided I wanted to get back to it. I wanted to try an author I hadn't tried before though. When I was a member of a sci fi group (the group closed down) a few members were avid fans of Lackey and I have wanted to give her books a try ever since. I remember them saying that a Lackey newbie should start with this one. So far so good. It's more of an easy read but I wasn't really expecting anything else. Great for escapism.

Time Warden, the scene in Voyage home is one of my favourite Scotty moments too. I also thought that his scenes in Final Frontier were some of the few good parts. I liked the first series of Chocky because it followed the books so closely but the second one is probably my favourite.

Friday, July 22, 2005


More Celtic Winter

Yesterday I stitched some of Celtic Winter and will do a bit today. I didn't get much done and I don't think that I will get much done today either. But something is better than nothing. I watched the last Harry Potter film while stitching. My favourite of the films as well as my favourite of the books. Watching the three films so close together you can really see the change in the kids. It will be interesting to see the fourth one and whether or not they do any more. I know that originally they were only going to do the first three since they would be too old after that. I don't think that it would be the same without them even if I'm not a fan of the boy who plays Harry.

Both Angelsan and Jenn are stitching HP bear. Because of the books and the films I have been itching to stitch him too. I also have a few Halloween bear kits stashed away waiting to be stitched. Once I finish one of my WIPs I think I will search one of these out to work on.

Angelsan, to be honest I never really thought about it when I decided to use aida to work on the castle. I didn't look at the design closely enough to realise that there were so many fractional stitches. I just used what I had in my stash.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


First Rotation

The last two days I worked on my first rotation which was Wild Cherry Blossom Fairy. I'm pleased with what I managed to get done. Not only did I catch up with what I had unpicked I also got most of her dress done. I made a start on the sash and once that is finished her dress will be complete. I love the splash of colour in the sash against the neutral colours of her dress. It is almost tempting to just keep going with this. However, today and tomorrow I will be working on Celtic Winter. Before I picked up WCB fairy I thought that my mind would be on CW the whole time. It wasn't as I enjoyed working away of the flower fairy. I know my mind will be on CW when I work on that one and I just hope that the same will be true of the Castle. I just want to thank everyone for their lovely comments on the Castle. I really did appreciate it and I hope that this will help encourage me to keep going with it. For all of you who do rotations I want to thank you also. All of you seem to enjoy doing it that way and it was from you that I got the idea from.

Now that I have finished reading the 6th HP book I am very tempted to go back and read the others again. If it wasn't for the fact that I have many books that I want to read then I probably would. I'll wait a while though and then read all six over again. I was thinking about a list of books that I hope to pick up and the books I had in my to be read pile. I then realised that my TBR pile has drastically reduced in the last few months. My pile used to be about 20 books. Each pay day I would add to that pile. Now though I manage to get through my TBR pile in a month. I don't think I am reading more than what I had. I also didn't think that I had been buying less but obviously I have. One of my goals over the last few years or so was to reduce my TBR pile to a manageable amount. It feels strange now that I have. I have picked of "End of the Affair" again and was able to get back into it no problem. It reminds me a little of Paul Auster but maybe that is because the books I have read by him have always had a writer as a main character as this one does.


James Doohan 1920 - 2005

James Doohan died yesterday after suffering from Alzheimers and pneumonia. He was 85 and left behind a very large family, including a wife, five year old daughter and six other children. Doohan is probably best known for his role of Star Trek's first engineer, Montgomery Scott. He was already an established character actor before that and had mostly worked on the radio. His ability to use accents (amongst other things) was what landed him his famous role. I remember reading a while ago that the Scottish accent was copied from a friend who originally came from Aberdeen. Doohan was greatly loved by his fans and he continued to appear before fans until retirement very recently.

I was brought up with the original series of Star Trek thanks to my parents who had watched it as it was aired when they were growing up. Scotty was one of my favourite characters simply because he was a Scot. It wasn't often that you saw Scottish people portrayed on television. I preferred his later performances on the films though. He was able to pull off the sarcasm and wit just right and it was these scenes that I loved.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The Castle and Harry Potter

One photo of The Castle as promised. I have almost finished the backstitch in the rocks and was going to move onto the castle itself but took that huge break from it. Actually I'm a little further on than I thought. The part I thought I was at has already been done. I really don't remember doing it. I'm not much further on mind you. I will definitely pick this up again on Sunday and hopefully get the rocks finished.

I finished the Harry Potter book last night. I fell asleep while reading it (I hang my head in shame over that) but I was so tired. I then woke up when my sister came home and continued reading again. After that I couldn't put it down until finished. Such a great ending. Yet annoying since I want to read the next one now. Please don't let there be another two year wait! I actually know a few people who were put off by the series because of disappointment over the last book. This one is a lot better. A few things were dragged out a little but it was still good and the next one is going to be very different.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Some photo updates

I finished the popcorn bookmark. I found a thread that matched and so was able to finish his head. I decided against the border because the design went right to the edge and I didn't want to spoil it. Hopefully my RR partner will like it. I also decided that since I am starting a rotation I would post pictures of each piece as they are just now. I scanned them in since the threads are too light to show up on the camera. The centre picture is of Celtic Winter. This is what I was able to get done on Friday. I haven't touched it since as I wanted to get the bookmark finished. I will do some more on Thursday. The last one is Wild Blossom Fairy which I will do some work on tomorrow. Also tomorrow or Wednesday I will upload a photo of The Castle before I do any work on it on Sunday.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Some stitching and some reading

I have no picture updates of my stitching at the moment but I will try and get some during the week. I did make a little start on Celtic Winter. Fabric wise I just used the linen that came along with the materials pack (I paid a little extra to have linen instead of aida). I have no idea what it is called I'm afraid but it's a lovely blue-gray colour. It was strange stitching with linen again. I haven't used it since working on Celtic Christmas and it felt good to be working with it again. This one is softer than the one that came in the CC pack though. I'm having to be extra careful just because I'm not used to it. That and because of all the mistakes I seem to be making in my stitching lately. Last night I did a little work on popcorn. Unfortunately I ran out of one of the colours and so half his head is missing. I have another popcorn kit there somewhere which I could take some threads out of. Either that or I could try and match up the colour with my own threads. I continued stitching with the other colours anyway and so all I really have to do after I finish his head is a border and the backstitch.

Since I have a few projects on the go I have decided to start a rotation. A lot of stitchers seem to do this. I thought it would be a good way to finally get TW "The Castle" finished since I haven't looked at it in I don't know how many months. I'll start Tuesday since I want to get the bookmark finished this week. Sunday and Monday will be "The Castle", Tuesday and Wednesday will be the wild blossom fairy and Thursday Friday will belong to Celtic Winter. I have left Saturday open for whatever I am in the mood to stitch or for little projects. In "cross stitch card shop" magazine there were some designs of cats sitting on top of parcels. One of them stood as sweet even to me (not a cat fan I have to admit) and I thought it would be ideal for my sister. So that might be one of my little projects.

Well, I am onto Chapter seven of Harry Potter. I'm not going to give anything away but if you don't want to know one of the chapter titles then look away now. One of the questions that everyone was asking as soon as the title of the book was released was, who is the half blood prince? There was a lot of speculation on that and JK Rowling had to say on a number of occasions that it wasn't Harry. Personally I didn't have a clue and just assumed that it would be a new character. I never really gave it much more thought until last night. I got to the chapter called "Half Blood Prince". It was then that I realised that I was so caught up in the fact that the next HP book was out that the title itself didn't register. Not once while reading did I wonder who the half blood prince was even though it is obviously going to be a big part of the story. It's weird how that happens. Jenn gives a good review of her Harry Potter night experience.

Friday, July 15, 2005


Panel finished.

Yesterday I did a little more knitting and finished the front panel. To me it looks longer than the image in the book but I did follow the instructions and used the needle size the book recommended. It also doesn't look wide enough to hold a laptop. Lets hope when it is finished it will look okay. If my friends laptop doesn't fit in it she can always use it for something else. I still doubt that it will be strong enough. Although others who have made this bag already assured me that it would be fine once felted. It's knitting up a lot quicker than I thought.

I also made a little more progress with popcorn bear. Not much I admit since I was so tired. I've got a lot on at work this weekend so I probably won't get it finished to the end of next week.

Celtic Winter just cam through the door so I am very excited about getting started on that. I will probably set it up today and get a little of it done. It's sitting there calling out my name. I don't normally have more than one large project on the go. So I think I am going to have to do a rotation like a lot of the other stitchers do.

Just now I am reading "The End of The Affair" by Grahame Greene. I somehow didn't really expect to enjoy this but I am. I doubt I will finish it before Harry Potter comes through the door (which Amazon just confirmed will arrive tomorrow). It will get left aside until HP is finished. One book I can't recommend enough is Malorie Blackman's "Nought's and Crosses". Last year she brought out "Eye For an Eye" which was one of those little world book day books. It links "Nought's and Crosses" to then next book "Knife" so I have ordered it. Her website is pretty good too and it looks like she maintains it herself. I can see myself working my way through her whole booklist (maybe not the young reads).

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Harry Potter Madness

With the sixth book in the series being released this weekend it is hard not to get away from it. I put my hands up that I am one of those individuals who have had the book preordered since the beginning. I will also be one of those waiting eagerly at the door for it to arrive and will make a start on it straight away. Everything else will be ignored until I finish reading it. I will then probably blog about it once finished.

The truth is though that I didn't overly enjoy the last one. It was good but a little long winded and I have the feeling that this is going to to be the same. Last time I read the first four again so that I would have the storyline fresh in my head. I haven't done that this time. I just didn't feel much like reading the fifth one again. There are better children's books out there but it is easy to see why this series gets all the attention. I myself adored the first four. It also got kids into reading again and I think that it opened the market for more children's authors.

As I said I am probably going to write more about it when I get the book into my hands and finish it. I won't be one of these annoying people though who will give away all the important bits in the book.


Laptop Bag

I finally got my wool through from America which I ordered a few months ago. The company itself was very helpful. They had ran out and were waiting for it to arrive from their suppliers. So I don't blame them for it being so late. Anyway, as you can see I have made a start on it. The base is done and most of the front panel is done too. I love this wool. It just feels so soft. It's almost a shame that I am going to have to felt it. I would leave it be if it wasn't for the fact that it won't be strong enough without being felted. And that it is for my friend who requested that bag. I also learned to do two new things from this (and thanks to my mum who showed me because I couldn't see what the instructions meant). For the base I had to do a horizontal Herringbone stitch. This involves knitting your first stitch. Slipping the next stitch on to your other needle. Knitting the next stitch and then pulling the slipped stitch over it and then knitting it. I had to start all over again a few times with that one as I kept losing a stitch somewhere. Once I got into a rhythm though I had no problems. Then next new thing I learned was picking up stitches from the side of the base. This is a little hard to explain without any pictures but I managed it. After that it just involved the stocking stitch and the most difficult part was changing colours (which I remember from when I used to knit when I was little). The back panel will be the same so I don't think it will be long before I get it all knitted up.

I started the bookmark for the round robin. I don't have a picture of it yet though. I decided to use a popcorn bookmark kit I had there. I am going to add a border though using this persons favourite colours. Just to make it a bit more personal. I will get back to Blossom fairy as soon as the bookmark is finished.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Far Too Warm

I am finding it far too warm to do anything. I have been up since the wee hours since I can't sleep in the heat. I can't wait to get into work because it is the only place that seems slightly cool. Other than that all I really want to do is sit back with a good book and a cold drink. Us Scots really aren't used to this heat and I don't remember it ever being this warm before. Normally we are lucky if we get two weeks of lovely weather but this seems to be lasting. I never thought I would say this but I wish it would rain.

Speaking of books. I'm about half way through "Naughts and Crosses" by Malorie Blackman. Most kids books coming out these days follow the girly trend (e.g. Princess Diary stile) or follow the fantasy trend. Although this is set in an alternate universe it is very different from either of those. In this universe there is a division between the Naughts (white) and the Crosses (black), The difference is that the naughts are fighting for equality for themselves. Fighting for the right to the same schooling, etc. A young boy and girl are both on opposite sides but when with each other it had never mattered. Callum is more aware of the differences than Sephy and she only comes to realise the racial hatred he really faces when he wins the right to be educated at the same school as herself. I haven't finished it yet but it is a great read and I highly recommend it. I think it would be great as a class book. I did spoil the ending for myself though. I was reading the back pages about the author. This is usually the first thing I do when I pick up a book. I flicked forward a few pages to see if there was anything else. This one page had a short paragraph on it and so I didn't think that it would be part of the main text. Turns out I was wrong. It hasn't completely spoiled it for me because now I am dying to know how it got to that point.

Stitching wise I have done absolutely nothing over the past few days. It has just been far too hot to do anything. Maybe I will try and do something tonight.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Best pen in the world

Well at least it is the best one I have come across in a long time. I love pens. I always have. When I was younger I used to collect pens. You know the kind you get in gift shops. The stranger they were the better. Later that changed to having as many pens in my favourite colour as I can. My favourite colour is blue but when it comes to writing I will chose black every time. Recently my pen collection has reduced to just one or two favourites which seem to go missing all the time. Until I could get into town to replace them I was stuck with using blue. I hate gel pens though. They never last long and they dry up too quickly if you leave them long enough. Some don't even work properly from the start. Yesterday I came across a bic gel pen. The shop didn't have any of the ones I usually buy so I decided to just go for it. Wow, do I love this pen. It feels like a normal cheap bic pen but it writes so smoothly. And after writing several pages yesterday it looks as though it might actually last. It also worked right from the start and doesn't stop half way through a sentence. It doesn't even cost much (usually I could spend a fortune on pens). I haven't seen this pen anywhere else so I think I am going to have to stock up on them.

Away from my boring story about pens I picked up my stitching again last night. I got about half of what I picked out done. I am going to have to take a break from it soon as I have a bookmark to stitch. I have no idea what design I am going to chose for the bookmark but I think I will try and make a start on that tonight. This week I challenge myself to learn how to upload photos from my camera so that I can post decent progress photos.

I finished reading "The Man In the High Castle" by Philip K. Dick yesterday. It's the first alternate history book I have read and I really enjoyed it. It is set in America which is controlled by Germany and Japan. America and the rest of the world are supposed to be split between the two after they won the war. One of the parts I liked about the book is that it describes a famous book which the Japanese allow but the Nazis banned. This book tells what happens if the allies had won WWII. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it. It's not just for sci fi fans as there is very little of sci fi in it. This was my first taste of Philip K. Dick and I look forward to reading more of his work.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Swapped the needle for the pen.

I still haven't caught up with my stitching. I will do some more tonight but for now I have picked up my pen again. Nothing serious. I haven't went back to my original story. I'm really just playing about with some fanfiction. I won't be posting it as this was just something I wanted to do for myself. I was inspired after reading some fanfic the other day and I had to go back to the original crew I created a while ago. I'm basically using it to help improve my character development as I am concentrating more on them than the actual story. I started this yesterday and have several pages scrawled out already.

Just wanted to mention the pride I feel for the emergency services helping out in London. Watching the nurses running out of Ormand St Hospital I couldn't help but feel proud. I hope maybe that this will make people realise just how important our nurses are. They aren't given the respect and treatment they deserve. This goes for all areas of the emergency services.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


London Bombings

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by what happened today.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Monday Mornings

You always hear that the worst day of the week is a Monday. When I was a kid I never really understood it. I didn't mind Mondays. I knew that it meant that I had a week of school until the weekend but I honestly didn't mind school. I also knew it meant the same for a lot of people who worked but when I was really young I thought that everybody liked their jobs (I learned that this isn't true very quickly). Even as I learned that school could be dull and that some jobs were more dull I didn't mind Mondays.

Yesterday though I had an extremely frustrating morning. The first thing I did was go onto the net and check the status of some books that I had ordered. There were still no signs of them appearing. I had ordered them over a month ago and I knew I could get them more easily here so I cancelled the order. That wasn't really frustrating. It was more annoying than anything else.

I decided to do some stitching on Wild Cherry Blossom. I was happily stitching away and had finished with the white. I made the mistake of being pleased with my self thinking that I would be able to get quite a bit done. As I moved onto the bottom half of the dress I realised that I had made a mistake right at the start and that the only way to fix it was to unpick the lot. I could have cried as I had done this with Death of Rats too. What makes it worse is that the whole time I'm unpicking it I know why it had happened. I blame Scrubs coming out on DVD. When I sat down to start this I also put on the DVD. I was probably concentrating more on that than I was the stitching. My normal reaction would be to put it aside for a few days but I'm not going to do that. It will take me a few days to catch up to where I was but I will.

After spending the morning unpicking stitches and then stitching a couple of rows I decided to blow the dust off my French books. Could I find them? I hunted all over the place for them and still I couldn't find them. I must have annoyed my sister too with all my searching as she was trying to sleep. I had some lunch before deciding to start again in my search. I did finally find them. I found them in the first place I looked and exactly where they were supposed to be.

Anyway, the rest of the day was okay so I am putting it down to just a bad morning and not the fact that it was a Monday.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Sorry for the poor photo

I tried again to get a clear photo of my stitching and again it just looked white an sparkly. Thanks to photo shop I was able to clear it up a little. The fabric is really a pale blue not grey. I have just about finished the white in the dress. There are lots of white flower but I think that I will just stitch the fairy first before I go onto them. I think that even when I go onto other colours the design won't stand out. The camera just takes a horrible picture.

Yes, I still haven't read through the instructions on my new camera to work out how to load images to the computer. The truth is I hate reading instruction manuals. It's not that I don't understand them it's just that I can think of about a million other things that I would rather be doing. I am one of these impatient people who want to know instantly how something works without going through the boring process of the manual. Maybe I will open it up tonight and look through it (yes it is still in it's wrapping). I could just pass it on to my dad who would read through it just because he would have a new toy to play with. But then I would have to listen to his long explanations which usually involve half an hour of things I already know. Probably less painful to just read it myself.

In a previous post I mentioned that I had problems getting the bead for Celtic Christmas. Carol kindly offered to give me a hand if I had problems getting them from Celtic Winter. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Thanks for the offer it was really nice of you and I appreciated the thought. This time though I read the content of the materials pack and the beads are included.


Finished - The Joy Luck Club

I finished this last night. I tried to finish it the night before but I was just too tired to stay awake. It's about four women from China who tell their stories from when they were in China. All of these stories are sad and tragic. The book then goes on to tell a story from each of their daughters and in each one it is really about the daughter rebelling against their mother and being Chinese. The third section of the books is again from each daughters point of view. This time it is about their lives as grown ups. Each one has a sort of sad story to tell and is trying to hide their sadness from their mother or seek her approval. The last section goes back to the mothers who finish their stories or tell of how they got to America. In all of them they take they are showing they are teaching their daughters a powerful lesson that can help them in their own lives.

That is basically what I have taken from the book. I imagine that everybody could interpret it a little differently. I really enjoyed this book and would probably have read it in one sitting if it wasn't for work (or stitching of course). I'm not sure what I actually feel about the back. I can't think of much else to say about it or ways to describe it other than I enjoyed it and thought it was a good read. I liked the fact that it brought back lots of memories of my holiday in San Francisco. I liked looking into these lives which are so different from my own. I will definitely make a point of reading more of Amy Tan's work.

I did a search on this book just to see if I could see what others thought of the book. The first one I cam across described it as a bad Chinese book. The individual was from Chinese descent and describes all of Amy Tan's books in this way. I stopped searching after that as I didn't want to be put off. Still it made me think. I suppose there could be Scottish writing out there that lots of people love but us Scots would class as trash. Maybe it's like that (although my knowledge of Scottish literature is extremely poor).

Friday, July 01, 2005


Paper swap

I received my first parcel from the paper swap that I joined in on craftster. This one is from fadeawaydream and here are some pictures of what was in the parcel. Already I am rubbing my hands and thinking of what I can do with them. I sent out parcels yesterday so hopefully fadeawaydream and my other partner will receive them soon. I never thought to put in writing paper and stickers though. Hopefully they will still like it


One Finished Rat

So he is finally finished. He actually didn't take that long to do. I would have finished a lot sooner had it not been for work. Now all I need to do is give him a wash and an iron then find a frame for him. As I mentioned earlier the boyfriend is fussy so finding a frame will take a while. Anyway this will be the last time I will force his ugly mug on you. It was great to stitch though. The kit came with the threads all sorted with the symbols printed on the thread card next to each colour. There weren't that many colour changes except for the face and the kit came with three needles to help with that. There were no fractional stitches or any french knots. The only backstitch involved was the whiskers. The chart was in black and white which can give you a bit of a headache but this one is small so it really wasn't so bad. The backstitch was highlighted in colour. If you are a Terry Pratchett fan or like me you know one then I highly recommend it.

I also did more work on the wild cherry blossom fairy. I still can't post a photo as I am still only stitching with white. Maybe once I start using another colour she will show on the camera. Or even better, maybe I will actually learn to use my new camera. It is safe to say that this design is prettier than the last one. And it looks like I have the stitching bug back.

I am looking forward to receiving Celtic Winter which I hope will arrive soon. Some cross stitch bloggers kindly asked if I wanted to stitch it in their SAL and I jumped at the chance. When I stitched Celtic Christmas that was also with a SAL but sadly the website crashed and the organiser never fixed it. I kept stitching of course but it was always nice to see how others were doing and give each other support when things went wrong. I will be stitching alongside Carol, Karen, Julianna, Katrina, Becky, Jenn and Kathy. It will be fun stitching with so many people.

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