Sunday, July 24, 2005


Arrows Of The Queen by Mercedes Lackey

I did do a little knitting yesterday but I spent most of the day reading. I really got caught up into the Mercedes Lackey book and I wanted to finish it. I should probably point out that I got the title of it wrong in my last post.

Young Talia is hold born and a girl and so is expected to do nothing but obey her elders and her father. She is just turning 13 and her birthday present is that she is told that she will be married. She will get to chose whether she wants to be a first wife or an under wife. Talia chooses neither and runs away. While in hiding she comes across a horse. Not just any horse, a companion to one of the Queen's Herald's. Talia decides to take the companion, Rolan, back to his Herald only to discover that Rolan has chosen her to be his Herlad and the Queens own. Talia has a hard time ahead of her. She will have to befriend the bratty heir and uncover a conspiracy against the Queen and herself. The hardest lesson she will have to learn though is to trust herself and to trust others.

An easy and quick read but also a good one. It was easy to get caught up in the story and I am itching to read the two follow ups. The book actually reminded me a little of Tamora Pierce. I can see why a lot of fantasy fans like her and I will definitely look out for reading more. Mercedes Lackey has her own website if you are interested on learning more.

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