Thursday, July 28, 2005


Captain Bluebear

I have a small confession to make. I have done absolutely no stitching in the last few days. Instead I have been reading. I will do some tonight since I will be working on CW. I am still reading Captain Bluebear and really enjoying it. As well as the story I am enjoying the illustrations. I came up with the idea of using the illustrations to make cards. Since I don't want to ruin my book I tried to copy them. This is my first attempt and for someone who can't draw I am really pleased with the way it turned out. I thought I was going to have to resort to tracing. I added a relevant quote to from the book at the bottom to set it off. In case you can't read it, "I continued to toil across the viscous surface until I came to a cluster of harpoons protruding from the whales back." I realise this is a copyright issue but it's for personal use only. I have no intentions of selling them. I didn't mean for the drawing to be so big. There are a number of other illustrations I want to use and I am going to see if I can maybe do it on a smaller scale.

I still plan on making some more Disney and HP cards. I need to get some more papers. I have plenty but just not in the colours I want. So Saturday is shopping day and hopefully I will get more done. A big thank you to all the lovely comments for the first Disney card I made.

Another Bluebear fan!
God luck with whatever you do, ever!

And the stitching
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