Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The Castle and Harry Potter

One photo of The Castle as promised. I have almost finished the backstitch in the rocks and was going to move onto the castle itself but took that huge break from it. Actually I'm a little further on than I thought. The part I thought I was at has already been done. I really don't remember doing it. I'm not much further on mind you. I will definitely pick this up again on Sunday and hopefully get the rocks finished.

I finished the Harry Potter book last night. I fell asleep while reading it (I hang my head in shame over that) but I was so tired. I then woke up when my sister came home and continued reading again. After that I couldn't put it down until finished. Such a great ending. Yet annoying since I want to read the next one now. Please don't let there be another two year wait! I actually know a few people who were put off by the series because of disappointment over the last book. This one is a lot better. A few things were dragged out a little but it was still good and the next one is going to be very different.

Your Castle looks fantastic! It truly is a great design. I stitched it back in the early '90's before I had my children....I think the backstitching alone took about a year!
I loooooove your Castle !!! I'm nowhere with mine. I think I'll start again on evenweave? what did you use for yours?

I'm only in chapter 3 of HP6... I live to just savour it. Then I'll go back to reading the whole series again. With luck it will keep me a few months. I liked the 5th book ok, except for my deception of the dead character. I think the frustration was made on purpose ;)
You have done a lot on your Castle already! Ann.
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