Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Far Too Warm

I am finding it far too warm to do anything. I have been up since the wee hours since I can't sleep in the heat. I can't wait to get into work because it is the only place that seems slightly cool. Other than that all I really want to do is sit back with a good book and a cold drink. Us Scots really aren't used to this heat and I don't remember it ever being this warm before. Normally we are lucky if we get two weeks of lovely weather but this seems to be lasting. I never thought I would say this but I wish it would rain.

Speaking of books. I'm about half way through "Naughts and Crosses" by Malorie Blackman. Most kids books coming out these days follow the girly trend (e.g. Princess Diary stile) or follow the fantasy trend. Although this is set in an alternate universe it is very different from either of those. In this universe there is a division between the Naughts (white) and the Crosses (black), The difference is that the naughts are fighting for equality for themselves. Fighting for the right to the same schooling, etc. A young boy and girl are both on opposite sides but when with each other it had never mattered. Callum is more aware of the differences than Sephy and she only comes to realise the racial hatred he really faces when he wins the right to be educated at the same school as herself. I haven't finished it yet but it is a great read and I highly recommend it. I think it would be great as a class book. I did spoil the ending for myself though. I was reading the back pages about the author. This is usually the first thing I do when I pick up a book. I flicked forward a few pages to see if there was anything else. This one page had a short paragraph on it and so I didn't think that it would be part of the main text. Turns out I was wrong. It hasn't completely spoiled it for me because now I am dying to know how it got to that point.

Stitching wise I have done absolutely nothing over the past few days. It has just been far too hot to do anything. Maybe I will try and do something tonight.

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