Sunday, July 03, 2005


Finished - The Joy Luck Club

I finished this last night. I tried to finish it the night before but I was just too tired to stay awake. It's about four women from China who tell their stories from when they were in China. All of these stories are sad and tragic. The book then goes on to tell a story from each of their daughters and in each one it is really about the daughter rebelling against their mother and being Chinese. The third section of the books is again from each daughters point of view. This time it is about their lives as grown ups. Each one has a sort of sad story to tell and is trying to hide their sadness from their mother or seek her approval. The last section goes back to the mothers who finish their stories or tell of how they got to America. In all of them they take they are showing they are teaching their daughters a powerful lesson that can help them in their own lives.

That is basically what I have taken from the book. I imagine that everybody could interpret it a little differently. I really enjoyed this book and would probably have read it in one sitting if it wasn't for work (or stitching of course). I'm not sure what I actually feel about the back. I can't think of much else to say about it or ways to describe it other than I enjoyed it and thought it was a good read. I liked the fact that it brought back lots of memories of my holiday in San Francisco. I liked looking into these lives which are so different from my own. I will definitely make a point of reading more of Amy Tan's work.

I did a search on this book just to see if I could see what others thought of the book. The first one I cam across described it as a bad Chinese book. The individual was from Chinese descent and describes all of Amy Tan's books in this way. I stopped searching after that as I didn't want to be put off. Still it made me think. I suppose there could be Scottish writing out there that lots of people love but us Scots would class as trash. Maybe it's like that (although my knowledge of Scottish literature is extremely poor).

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