Thursday, July 21, 2005


First Rotation

The last two days I worked on my first rotation which was Wild Cherry Blossom Fairy. I'm pleased with what I managed to get done. Not only did I catch up with what I had unpicked I also got most of her dress done. I made a start on the sash and once that is finished her dress will be complete. I love the splash of colour in the sash against the neutral colours of her dress. It is almost tempting to just keep going with this. However, today and tomorrow I will be working on Celtic Winter. Before I picked up WCB fairy I thought that my mind would be on CW the whole time. It wasn't as I enjoyed working away of the flower fairy. I know my mind will be on CW when I work on that one and I just hope that the same will be true of the Castle. I just want to thank everyone for their lovely comments on the Castle. I really did appreciate it and I hope that this will help encourage me to keep going with it. For all of you who do rotations I want to thank you also. All of you seem to enjoy doing it that way and it was from you that I got the idea from.

Now that I have finished reading the 6th HP book I am very tempted to go back and read the others again. If it wasn't for the fact that I have many books that I want to read then I probably would. I'll wait a while though and then read all six over again. I was thinking about a list of books that I hope to pick up and the books I had in my to be read pile. I then realised that my TBR pile has drastically reduced in the last few months. My pile used to be about 20 books. Each pay day I would add to that pile. Now though I manage to get through my TBR pile in a month. I don't think I am reading more than what I had. I also didn't think that I had been buying less but obviously I have. One of my goals over the last few years or so was to reduce my TBR pile to a manageable amount. It feels strange now that I have. I have picked of "End of the Affair" again and was able to get back into it no problem. It reminds me a little of Paul Auster but maybe that is because the books I have read by him have always had a writer as a main character as this one does.

Your SCB fairy is starting to take shape, she is going to look gorgeous! I love stitching Flower Fairies, did loads of them last year, I find them relaxing and I got loads of comments when I posted pics which was nice! I will be starting on another one fairly soon.
You're whetting my appetite to read Harry Potter books! I must confess, I have only read the first one, I do also own the 5th but wanted to read the 3 in between first, but never got around to buying them. But its tempting.....
I have the Wild Cherry in my to do list and you are tempting me to start on it.
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