Thursday, July 14, 2005


Harry Potter Madness

With the sixth book in the series being released this weekend it is hard not to get away from it. I put my hands up that I am one of those individuals who have had the book preordered since the beginning. I will also be one of those waiting eagerly at the door for it to arrive and will make a start on it straight away. Everything else will be ignored until I finish reading it. I will then probably blog about it once finished.

The truth is though that I didn't overly enjoy the last one. It was good but a little long winded and I have the feeling that this is going to to be the same. Last time I read the first four again so that I would have the storyline fresh in my head. I haven't done that this time. I just didn't feel much like reading the fifth one again. There are better children's books out there but it is easy to see why this series gets all the attention. I myself adored the first four. It also got kids into reading again and I think that it opened the market for more children's authors.

As I said I am probably going to write more about it when I get the book into my hands and finish it. I won't be one of these annoying people though who will give away all the important bits in the book.

Glad to see that you are looking forward to the book too! I'm getting mine at Midnight tonight but, I probably won't start it till the morning.
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