Thursday, July 21, 2005


James Doohan 1920 - 2005

James Doohan died yesterday after suffering from Alzheimers and pneumonia. He was 85 and left behind a very large family, including a wife, five year old daughter and six other children. Doohan is probably best known for his role of Star Trek's first engineer, Montgomery Scott. He was already an established character actor before that and had mostly worked on the radio. His ability to use accents (amongst other things) was what landed him his famous role. I remember reading a while ago that the Scottish accent was copied from a friend who originally came from Aberdeen. Doohan was greatly loved by his fans and he continued to appear before fans until retirement very recently.

I was brought up with the original series of Star Trek thanks to my parents who had watched it as it was aired when they were growing up. Scotty was one of my favourite characters simply because he was a Scot. It wasn't often that you saw Scottish people portrayed on television. I preferred his later performances on the films though. He was able to pull off the sarcasm and wit just right and it was these scenes that I loved.

Another sad loss. I suppose it should be expected that, when you're a fan of 40-year-old television series, one will inevitably see the passing of childhood heroes but it still surprises when it happens. They seem immortal on the screen.

I particularly remember the episode in which he was falsely accused of attacking a woman and, also, his reaction, in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home", to having to work with the antiquated computer technology of the 20th Century!

Your choice of picture was perfect. It's how I see him in my mind's eye and was the very image I described to my father the evening Doohan's death was reported. Thanks, too, for the info on Bishop. Many fans of "Chocky" think the second season was the best!
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