Friday, July 01, 2005


One Finished Rat

So he is finally finished. He actually didn't take that long to do. I would have finished a lot sooner had it not been for work. Now all I need to do is give him a wash and an iron then find a frame for him. As I mentioned earlier the boyfriend is fussy so finding a frame will take a while. Anyway this will be the last time I will force his ugly mug on you. It was great to stitch though. The kit came with the threads all sorted with the symbols printed on the thread card next to each colour. There weren't that many colour changes except for the face and the kit came with three needles to help with that. There were no fractional stitches or any french knots. The only backstitch involved was the whiskers. The chart was in black and white which can give you a bit of a headache but this one is small so it really wasn't so bad. The backstitch was highlighted in colour. If you are a Terry Pratchett fan or like me you know one then I highly recommend it.

I also did more work on the wild cherry blossom fairy. I still can't post a photo as I am still only stitching with white. Maybe once I start using another colour she will show on the camera. Or even better, maybe I will actually learn to use my new camera. It is safe to say that this design is prettier than the last one. And it looks like I have the stitching bug back.

I am looking forward to receiving Celtic Winter which I hope will arrive soon. Some cross stitch bloggers kindly asked if I wanted to stitch it in their SAL and I jumped at the chance. When I stitched Celtic Christmas that was also with a SAL but sadly the website crashed and the organiser never fixed it. I kept stitching of course but it was always nice to see how others were doing and give each other support when things went wrong. I will be stitching alongside Carol, Karen, Julianna, Katrina, Becky, Jenn and Kathy. It will be fun stitching with so many people.

Hi Karen

That rat looks kinda spooky. I've seen the witches advertised in a magazine but I don't think I've seen this one.

Looking forward to starting the SAL with you all too.
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