Friday, July 15, 2005


Panel finished.

Yesterday I did a little more knitting and finished the front panel. To me it looks longer than the image in the book but I did follow the instructions and used the needle size the book recommended. It also doesn't look wide enough to hold a laptop. Lets hope when it is finished it will look okay. If my friends laptop doesn't fit in it she can always use it for something else. I still doubt that it will be strong enough. Although others who have made this bag already assured me that it would be fine once felted. It's knitting up a lot quicker than I thought.

I also made a little more progress with popcorn bear. Not much I admit since I was so tired. I've got a lot on at work this weekend so I probably won't get it finished to the end of next week.

Celtic Winter just cam through the door so I am very excited about getting started on that. I will probably set it up today and get a little of it done. It's sitting there calling out my name. I don't normally have more than one large project on the go. So I think I am going to have to do a rotation like a lot of the other stitchers do.

Just now I am reading "The End of The Affair" by Grahame Greene. I somehow didn't really expect to enjoy this but I am. I doubt I will finish it before Harry Potter comes through the door (which Amazon just confirmed will arrive tomorrow). It will get left aside until HP is finished. One book I can't recommend enough is Malorie Blackman's "Nought's and Crosses". Last year she brought out "Eye For an Eye" which was one of those little world book day books. It links "Nought's and Crosses" to then next book "Knife" so I have ordered it. Her website is pretty good too and it looks like she maintains it herself. I can see myself working my way through her whole booklist (maybe not the young reads).

Wow what lovely bright colours. Looking forward to stitchng CW SAl with you, have not started mine yet, but will do when the time comes have a couple of ig projects to finish first and a couple more robins to got hen I can get cracking lol.

Love your popcorn bear can't wait to see him finished

Hugs xxxxx
Isn't CW lovely?? What fabric are you using?
I read somewhere that you got your Celtic Winter supplies in (I think in a comment in Kathy's blog??) - looking forward to seeing your WIPS now :-)
You might enjoy reading Philip K Dick's short story "Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep" which was the starting point for the SF movie "Blade Runner". I know what you mean about gel pens!!!
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