Sunday, July 03, 2005


Sorry for the poor photo

I tried again to get a clear photo of my stitching and again it just looked white an sparkly. Thanks to photo shop I was able to clear it up a little. The fabric is really a pale blue not grey. I have just about finished the white in the dress. There are lots of white flower but I think that I will just stitch the fairy first before I go onto them. I think that even when I go onto other colours the design won't stand out. The camera just takes a horrible picture.

Yes, I still haven't read through the instructions on my new camera to work out how to load images to the computer. The truth is I hate reading instruction manuals. It's not that I don't understand them it's just that I can think of about a million other things that I would rather be doing. I am one of these impatient people who want to know instantly how something works without going through the boring process of the manual. Maybe I will open it up tonight and look through it (yes it is still in it's wrapping). I could just pass it on to my dad who would read through it just because he would have a new toy to play with. But then I would have to listen to his long explanations which usually involve half an hour of things I already know. Probably less painful to just read it myself.

In a previous post I mentioned that I had problems getting the bead for Celtic Christmas. Carol kindly offered to give me a hand if I had problems getting them from Celtic Winter. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Thanks for the offer it was really nice of you and I appreciated the thought. This time though I read the content of the materials pack and the beads are included.

Looks like a nice sparkly fabric you have there, look forward to seeing the fairy emerge! I am like you regarding instructions, I have no idea how to operate any of the technical gadgetary in my house, although I am more than capable, I am far to impatient to learn. Its funny how impatient people like us can enjoy something like cross stitching! Looking forward to stitching along with you on Celtic Winter - can I ask - what company did you get your materials pack from?
Hi there....I found you through craftster. The fabric looks so nice. When I have trouble with getting a good shot like that....I take my stuff outside. Play around with getting a pic in the sun and then in the shade. I think you might see alot of difference!
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