Friday, August 12, 2005


Bits and Pieces

I have no photo update for you although I have done some stitching. I have stuck with the Castle and I am very slowly making progress. Again I haven't been doing much because of all the reading I have been doing. Tonight though I hope to get some more done. I am hoping that this time next week I will be able to have a happy dance.

I am having a biography phase just now. After finishing Wil Wheaton's I felt like reading another. I decided to pick up Robin Cook's "The Point of Departure". I haven't got that far into it but is has been pretty good so far. It is probably teaching me more about the workings of parliament than my politics class ever did. As well as giving insight it is also funny in a dry sort of way. I have ordered a few more autobiographies and they are all political too. I am waiting for Mo Mowlam's (although the reviews of it weren't that good) and Hillary Clinton's. Have that doesn't cure my biography phase I will then get Wil Wheaton's other book and Bill Clinton's "My Life".

I haven't really been up to much else. I watched "School of Rock" again. I really enjoyed it the first time I saw it. This wasn't that long after it was released on DVD. I saw it in the sale and decided to buy it but I just didn't get into it this time. Maybe it's one of those films that once you see it that's it. I'm not sure if my boyfriend is too bothered about it either. I'll probably end up giving it to my sister as she loved it. The same goes for "Rock Profiles". It was really funny the first time I watched them but after I had watched the lot I couldn't bear to watch them again.

Isn't School of Rock fun??!! My DH hated it - go figure! But sometimes when my nieces are over, we pop the DVD in and have a blast!!!!
So much reading ! I like Will Weaton s well. Seems like he's a nice guy. It's not his fault he had to play a geeky kid. He actually did it well ;)

I love School of Rock. It's now one of my classics. I mostly love the music, and Jack Black. the dvd is packed with bonuses, and "a day in the like of Jack" was simply hilarious. Watching it on MTV made me go and see the movie at the cinema in the first place !

But then, I'm a rock afficionado...
I did love the film when I first watched it. Maybe I just wasn't in the proper mood to watch it. I felt I had to because it just came throught the door. I do like Jack Black though. And it has gotten me more interested in rock music.

I still haven't watched the extras. I'm really bad for not watching them on DVDs.
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