Friday, August 05, 2005


Book Rant

I actually had to think about how I would write about this. Normally when I need to rant about a book I just spill it all out. In this case though there was a good chance that I could say the wrong thing and offend people which really isn't my intention.

Yesterday I was listening to the radio when the news came on. It mentioned that some MPs and other people were asking publishers to remove "Checkmate" by Malorie Blackman from the shops. They believed that it was the right thing to do after what happened in London. Basically the main character in this book is preparing to be a suicide bomber. They believe that some people who read this will be heavily influenced by it. I hate the idea of books being pulled off the shelf. I hate even more when it is done for the wrong reasons. This isn't what this book is about and anyone who has read it or the others in the series will know that. This trilogy is about racial inequality. It does touch on terrorism but it doesn't say that it is a good idea. Malorie Blackman should be congratulated for writing about a difficult subject and in the process teaching children something important. I can understand why anyone affected by the London bombings might be upset about this book. However, the book was on sale before this happened.

I'm not trying to be insensitive. I just think that there are bigger and more important issues that these people should be concentrating on.

I do agree with you. Suicide bombing is sadly something very real today, and shielding people from the subject by withdrawing a book isn't going to stop it happening.
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