Saturday, August 06, 2005


CW and some stash

I did some more work on CW. As soon as I picked it up I forgot all about blossom fairy. Hopefully this feeling will continue throughout these rotations. Working with the whites and grays is still a little boring. Using linen again however makes up for it. I think that part of the reason that I am finding it so dull is that the fairies dress was mostly in white too. My advice is to rotate this one with something colourful. I do have the castle which is colourful but it doesn't feel the same since I am only doing the backstitch. Since today is my choice I have decided to pick up the castle a day early. I wanted to get as much of it done as I can.

I was feeling sorry for myself a few days ago. Not for any particular reason I was just feeling a little down and so I decided to treat myself to a few new stitchy things. They came through the very next day so it really did cheer me up. I bought the chart of Petal fairy. I first fell in love with this when I saw this on Carols blog. Seeing her beautiful finish was the main reason why I decided to go ahead and order it. It will be quite a while before I stitch it as I have quite a few charts I want to stitch first.

This one I had to buy as soon as I saw it. I actually saw this finished in a store a few years ago, not long after I first took up stitching. I tried to get the kit but it was a limited edition and was out of print. I eventually got over my disappointment and stitched the Mickey Mouse version for my sister instead. I was so surprised when I saw this. I actually didn't think that it would come through. I was waiting for the email which said that it was no longer available. I can't wait to stitch him. I am thinking of putting him in place of the castle once it is finished. Although this would be going against my own advice about going for a colourful project.

Ooooooooo what lovely stash and well done on CW, I shall be getting ine ready to start next month. Going to try and finish CA in the next couple of weeks, going to do the beading last of all.

Hugs xxxxx
Well done with Celtic Winter Karen, she's looking good. You've done loads already! Can't wait to join you in September.

I love your bugs bunny - he is so cute!
Ah, very happy to enable you with Petal Fairy :-) I adore that Bugs Bunny chart! I have never seen it before - who is the designer? I must research that one!
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