Monday, August 08, 2005


Decisions, Decisions

I was able to get a bit more of the back stitch done on the castle. I am almost finished with the building and then I will move onto the dragon itself. I'm now very tempted to keep going with it to get it finished. I might be able to finish it this week if I keep going with it. Probably a little too optimistic but I am thinking of giving it a go. I haven't fully decided yet, I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Finish it, wash and iron it....1 down and lots of wonderful stitches to go. I can't wait for the Wild Cherry Blosson Fairy to finish actually. ;)
Wow, it is looking fantastic! I better get my happy dancing shoes out so I can dance with you soon! I think this is my favorite TW design... along with Castle Sampler!!
It looks really good. What fabric are you stitching it on? If I was you, I'd keep going on the backstitch until it is finished, I find it difficult to get the backstitching momentum back if I leave it for a while, but maybe thats just me!
Looking really great! I have this one in my stash too and can't wait to start it. I think it was the first chart I ever bought (about 10 years ago) but at the time I was just too daunted by it. After seeing your progress I'm dying to start it!
Ooo well done it looks fantastic, better give Little grey cat her chart back soon cos she will want to start it lol.

Looking forward to more updates.

Hugs xxxxxx
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