Saturday, August 27, 2005


Doctor Who Fanfics

I discovered the world of fanfiction through a friend. He happened to describe something we were talking about as glorified Doctor Who fanfiction. The term fanfiction didn't really mean anything to me but he kindly explained it and another friend told me about Unlike my friends who hate all forms of fanfiction I don't mind it too much. Every now and then I visit the website and have even written something myself. Like most fanfic visitors we all know that the really good stories don't come that often but they are there. I always found that the Doctor Who stories were usually better than the others I visited. This has changed though. Not surprisingly the popularity of the new series of Doctor Who has increased interest there. There is a whole new fanbase and a lot of them only write stories based on this. I suppose that it isn't much of a surprise to hear that reading these stories became boring quite quickly. Mainly because they all involved Rose and the Doctor getting together. One of the debates my friends and I used to have (yes I realise that I will be admitting how big a geek I am here) was should there be romance in Doctor Who. There will always be people who see the chemistry between one of the Doctors and his companion and feel that there is a story there. Our conclusion was that the answer is no. That's not what the show is about. It never was. Romance was always an excuse used for a companion leaving or in another case completely accidental. These didn't carry on to the next story line and that's the way it should stay. I have to admit though that in the new series there is more chemistry between the Doctor and Rose than there was in the past. Again this is only going to make more people write about it. Especially since this new Doctor is more down to earth than all the others.

My point here is that now all the Doctor Who fanfics are about Rose and the Doctor. It has put me off reading them. I guess it would just be nice to see some of those other stories in there. Ones about his other carnations. Even if it is only a small funny story. I won't even read these new ones now. Which is a shame because there might actually be a good one amongst them. Or maybe it is just me. Maybe my fascination with this form of writing has finally worn off and it will take a lot more for one of these to really grab my attention.

One of the other things we talked about was the BBC Doctor Who books and Big Finish productions which my friends also see as a form of fanfiction. I have only read a few of the books and I didn't really enjoy them. I do have some of Big Finish audio books and while there were some good ones amongst them some of them weren't so good. The one series I did enjoy was the Dalek Empire series. No signs of the Doctor in there but I still really enjoyed them. Looking at their website they are also going to do something similar with the Cyberman. A series of four CDs based on them. Not sure if the Doctor will have a part to play in these either but I think I will have to make a point of looking out for them too.

This was just a quick rant. I will be back in about a week. I'll have some stitching updates and some book reviews. Until then I am enjoying a relaxing time off.

I agree with you regarding the Doctor/Rose relationship. For me, the bond between them is stronger in ways than a romantic involvement would be. If they were to become involved, it would cheapen the relationship and I wouldn't like it any more. I think the parts were both extremely well played in the last series. Oh, and if you're a geek, so am I, and I don't care!!!
There is actually some excellent gen (i.e. plot and character driven, rather than romance) Whovian fic being written based on the new series. I've been rec'ing stories since the new series began, and you can avoid the romance (and erotic) fiction pretty easily based on the summaries and just concentrate on the gen.

You can find them here, and I've been updating them monthly-ish.
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