Wednesday, August 10, 2005


"The Dream Merchant" by Isabel Hoving

Before I go on to do a book review I want to thank everyone for the lovely comments they left about the Castle. I haven't done much more but I will take your advice and keep going with it until it is done. I will make a start on Bugs once it is finished. Julianna I just used aida. I had loads of it at the time and I decided to make use of it.

Josh seems to be just an ordinary boy. He has a collection of bits and pieces and is a bit of a dreamer. He is also a thief although only steels when the opportunity presents itself. One night out of nowhere he is offered a job with Gippart. They believe that he has a talent that they need although Josh himself isn't so sure. The job involves entering dream land (amaya) and selling products to the inhabitants of that world. Sounds simple until he discovers that they want something more than that which has already killed another child. When they try to force it out of him Josh is stuck in amaya along with his friends Baz and Teresa. They must travel to the end of time to get out. Along the way they have to get themselves out of dangerous situations and discover the legend of Gippart and his siblings.

This book turned out to be completely different from what I was expecting. It was a little to slow to begin with but after reaching a certain point in the story I couldn't put it down. I was sucked right into it, wondering what was going to happen next to Josh and his friends. It was a little dark though. I really think this should be classed as young adult rather than 8 - 12. A very good read though.

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