Sunday, August 21, 2005


One last blog (for two weeks anyway).

I didn't get the castle done although it is almost there. I underestimated how much time it needed. I did spend a few hours on it and it probably needs only a few hours more but again my reading has overtaken everything. I think that will calm down over the next few weeks. I don't usually read that much when I am away. I do have an overwhelming urge to read everything by John Irving. I just finished reading "The World According to Garp" which was every bit as good as "A Prayer For Owen Meany". Then last night I watched a programme about John Irving on BBC4. I missed the start of it but what I did see of it made me want to go out and read the rest of his books. I will read them eventually but I learned my lesson with Douglas Coupland. I loved the first book I read by him and within a year I had read them all. I am now waiting impatiently for the release of his next one. I don't want to do that with John Irving. He has just brought out a new book and there was a good few years wait for that one. I'll take my time with them and read other things in between. I highly recommend him. Both books that I have read I found difficult to put down and they both had their funny and sad parts. I loved his characters too. They just seemed so real even if they did have some odd characteristics.

Timewarden mentioned that Victoria Beckham said she has never read a book. Yes, it did make me shudder. Surely she couldn't have went through school without reading at least one book? At school though when it came to reading I was in the minority. Most people I knew only picked up a book if they had to. I do think being read to as a kid and being encouraged by parents have something to do with it. My mum is a big reader. When she was little she would regularly go to the library and she was always told to bring something back for my grandparents. My aunt and uncle though were brought up in the same environment and I have never seen them read a book. My parents did encourage us to read. As I have mentioned before my parents used to take my sister and I to the library quite a lot. And yet my sister isn't much of a reader so I don't think that the way you are brought up has everything to do with it though. My dads parents aren't readers and yet both my aunt and my dad are big readers. I could go on with lots of examples in my family alone.

Anyway, I am only taking a couple of books with me so hopefully when I come back I won't be droning on about books. I will be taking the castle with me to finish. Sorry to those who were looking forward to sharing a happy dance. I promise that there will be one when I come back. I still plan on taking bugs with me so I will post a photo of him (I don't imagine it will be much but hopefully I will have made a start). Lastly I might do some writing. Haven't done any in a while and think it's about time I get the pen out again. See you in two weeks.

Have a lovely holiday. I can appreciate that The Castle is taking a while to finish. The backstitching on TWs designs seems to go on forever!

I know what you're saying regarding the book reading. I am sporadic, having phases of avid book reading and my daughter never has her head out of a book but neither my husband or son read very much at all.
Have fun on your holiday!

I also know what you are saying about reading. I think it also must have something to do with the books you read as a child that must interest you enough to continue reading other books as you grow up.
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