Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Wild Cherry Blossom Fairy

I managed to get some of Wild Cherry Blossom Fairy done. She's starting to take shape now. Working with the pinks and flesh tones is a nice change from whites. It seems when I pick up one of my projects I want to continue with it and I have to force myself to pick up the set days project. Yesterday when I picked up the fairy again what I really wanted to do was continue with the castle. A bit of a shock since I hadn't touched it since February. Part of it was because it is so vibrant. Another is that it doesn't look like it will be long before it is finished. Yet once I got going all thoughts of the castle left my head. I'm guessing that it will be the same when I pick CW back up tomorrow.

I finished watching Blakes 7 yesterday. What an ending to the series. I have seen the first one of the next one so I know a little of how it turns out. What surprised me was Travis' death. I wasn't really expecting it. I suppose it should have been obvious since Blake leaves in the next series and Travis' obsession is with Blake. I also thought that there would be more of him in this series. I also found out from Timewarden that David Jackson who played Gan died last week of a heart attack.

I can see the fairy starting to emerge now, she's looking good!
Wow, great job so far! I just got the magazine this is in from an ebay purchase - I am hoping to do her someday too :-) I will love watching your progress - it will motivate me :-)
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