Sunday, September 11, 2005


"Living History" by Hillary Rodham Clinton

I guess it is kind of obvious what this book is about. What surprised me about this book is that she does go into detail about her background and her childhood. She talks about her education, her beliefs and how she met her husband. She goes into more detail than I thought she would and one or two things surprised me. For example, I didn't know that she was originally Republican and that she was one of a huge team putting together a case for Nixon's impeachment. I actually knew very little about her before I began reading this but those were the two things that surprised me and interested me. I was also surprised about her family background. While not exactly poor, her parents worked hard to get to where they were as did she herself. She wasn't handed everything to her on a plate.

As expected the bulk of the book is about her time in the White House as First Lady. I enjoyed reading about the role she played as she fought for human rights and gave her husband advice. I think what I enjoyed the most though was her thoughts on all the places she visited. She gave some background history as well as her thoughts on the people she met and the things she did while in these countries. I soaked all that in and could only wonder at a life that could allow you to do that and envy her daughter who shared a lot of these experiences. I can't help but wonder what her daughter made of all of it.

I do recommend this. Not so much if you want to learn more about American Politics but if you want to see the White House from the First Lady's perspective. I don't think you have to agree with her views to enjoy it.

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