Wednesday, September 28, 2005


More Childhood Books.

As I have mentioned many times I loved going to the library when I was a kid. The books I chose were very predictable as I went through lots of phases. There was the "My Naughty Little Sister" phase, "Oh Abigail", Roald Dahl, Ballet stories and probably quite a few others. It wasn't uncommon for me to get these same books out again and again and read them countless times. Most of these books were also book that my mum had read when she was little. My reading was heavily influenced by mum. Probably because she was the one who took us to the library more than anyone else. I did go through a phase of trying out books that I wouldn't normally have read. "Gemma" by Noel Streatfeild was one of them. I read "Ballet Shoes" by the same author during my ballet story phase. Then though I rarely paid attention to authors and so it I didn't realise that they had been written by the same person. Most of these random books I read I have only a vague memory of. Snippets of the story line which won't really help if I want to hunt them out again. "Gemma" was one of these vague memories. I only really recalled reading some books about a girl who learned to play the banjo. Then not that long ago I saw this cover on ebay and it clicked. This book is still in print and I have seen it since. However, the cover is so completely different that I would never have realised they were the same if I hadn't found it on ebay. I made a bid for it and won. Last night I picked it up and the whole story immediately cam back to me. It was like I was a kid again. Now I have the urge to read all those other books I loved when I was a kid. See what my interest in old school stories has started?

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