Sunday, September 25, 2005


More CW

I did a little more work on Celtic Winter yesterday. I actually did more than I intended. I just meant to finish the greys in the top half of her dress leaving the gold trim and her face for next time. The call of colour was too great though. I stayed up late doing those parts and I don't regret it. If I didn't have problems keeping my eyes open I would have stayed up longer to finish her face and make a start on her hair. The colour really stands out against the dress. I'm really looking forward to getting onto the swirls in her dress as that's where colour will make the biggest difference. There are gaps on her collar where beads should be. My plan was that the beading would be the last thing to be done. The gaps look stupid though and I am tempted to do the beading there just to fill it in. I'll wait and see how she looks with a full face and hair.

I'm going to put her down for a few days as I have a few other things to catch up on. Since I hadn't been well I have done no studying. I haven't touched my French books in over a week. I intend to spend a day with them at some point this week. I might do some work on Cherry Blossom Fairy since Zohrah asked for an update. And if I am feeling up to it I might go into town to get that thread I need for the Castle. I also have a few reviews I want to do.

You've done loads!! Well done on your progess. Glad you agree re the grey - I will keep plugging away at it and I know it will be worth it in the end.
Yay, she looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow she is looking fab hun. I have still not started mine yet I am still umming and arrring about the material. I may just start her tonight if I have not come to a final decision

Hugs xxxxx
Ooo...I like. You've gotten alot done on her.
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