Monday, September 26, 2005



This was recommended to me a while back. A children's sci fi series which replaced Doctor Who while it took a break in 1984. It's based on a series of three books by John Christopher although only the first two books were used (I really don't know why they didn't finish it). It is set in a future where humans are ruled over by large tripods. To keep order humans are given caps at the age of sixteen. These caps suppress aggression and creativity. Anything that would cause humans to rise up against the tripods. Most people see capping as an honor. The tripods are there to protect them. Without them they would still be murdering each other and living a life of barbarism. Two young boys, Will and Henry, are afraid to be capped and discover from a vagrant that they can live a life without being capped. To do this they have to leave behind their home and travel to the white mountain in France. Along the way they only just manage to escape being capped many times. They befriend another young boy, Beanpole, who feels the same way and together they help each other get out of danger in order to reach the white mountain.

When this was first recommended to me I had intended on reading the books rather than buying the DVD. Especially since they only did the first two series. I completely forgot all about it though until I saw the first series in a sale and decided to give it a go. I'm glad I did. A lot of money went into this for it's time and you can tell. Quite a large cast is used and the tripods themselves were impressive. Near the end I did find the story line a little impressive. In each village they went to they had to escape being capped. That all changes in the last episode and by the end all I wanted to do was see what happened next. If you like old style sci fi shows then you might like this.

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