Friday, October 21, 2005


Alice in Wonderland & Checkmate

The story of Alice in Wonderland has never appealed to me. Even when I was little I had zero interest in the story. For someone who likes fantasy you would expect it to be the opposite. I refused to watch the cartoon and all the television adaptions. I just had a complete aversion to it. However, I used to have a strong dislike for "The Wind In The Willows" and I was surprised when I read the book for the first time not that long ago. Because of that and references to the book in Jaspor Ffordes Thursday Next series I decided to give it a go. I still didn't enjoy it. Maybe my initial dislike was too strong but I just didn't enjoy it. I am glad I read it and at least I can now say I did actually give it a try. My dislike this time wasn't towards the story itself but towards the characters. They all irritated me and I was glad once I finished it. In saying that this picture is from the cover of a pop up version. If you see this in the book store you should have a look. It truly is amazing. There is also the same type for "The Wizard of Oz". They would make great gifts!

I also read "Checkmate" which was the last in Malorie Blackman's Noughts and Crosses trilogy. In this one Callie Rose has grown into a beautiful and angry 15 year old. She has been a member of the Nought terrorist organisation for two years and is about to do something drastic. She has been poisoned against her mother by her Uncle Jude as part of his revenge and has learned to hate. The only chance she has is for her mum to tell her the truth about her past and for her grandmothers to cross the racial divide and work together to save her.

To me this is the best one out of all three. Right from the start I had problems putting it down. The style of the book is a little different from the first two. It still flicks to each characters point of view but this time it also flicks through time. It starts in the present with a stand off between Callie and Sephy and a stand off between Jude and Sephy's mum. It then goes back to Callies childhood as she begins to learn more about herself. And how she becomes so angry and full of hate. This series is definitely a must read. Out of all the people I know who read them I haven't heard of a single person who didn't enjoy them. You don't have to be a fan of Children's books to enjoy them either.

Thanks again to everyone who has made comments on CW. I really do appreciate them. Those comments have been a great encouragement. Gill, the gold does stand out better in real life. It is still a little paler than I thought it would be. But not as pale as the photo shows. I used two strands for Celtic Christmas too but found it frustrating at times.

Funny! As a kid, I had a record that told Alice's story and I still know it very well because I kept listening to it all the time... My fav part was when the Queen shouted "Qu'on lui coupe la tĂȘte!" (I won't translate unless you ask, fellow linguist). Now, the Disney version is quite deceiving, and I haven't tried to read it, although I wish to... Also, "Alice, on the other side of the mirror" (well, French title translated...) that you can read usibng a real mirror for some parts... I really ought to make a try.
Also, my son loves Alice, my daughter hates her the way you always have...
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