Saturday, October 29, 2005


"Arrows Fall" Mercedes Lackey

This is the third book in Mercedes Lackey's "Queens Arrows" trilogy. In this one the main character, Talia, is now a full Herald. She comes back from her field training to face a range of problems. She has to stop a plan to marry off the heir, Elspeth. The distance between herself and Elspeth is growing. And then tow people she relies on have a huge dispute and she is stuck in the middle of it. She know Lord Orthollen is behind it all but she can't prove it and no one else sees it. When she is sent on a mission to view Elspeths potential husband the conspiracy is uncovered. Talia must warn the Queen before it is too late.

I have enjoyed reading these books but would class them as an easy read. These books are mostly filled with angst and fluff. If you are a fantasy fan I would recommend them as pure escapism only. The story lines aren't particularly complex and the majority of each book is spent on Talias feelings. If it was fan fiction Talia would be a Mary Sue. It sounds like I didn't like them but I really did. It is just that they are limited in what you will get out of them. They also remind me a little of books by Tamora Pierce. Particularly the "Lioness Quartet". I still plan on reading more of these books. As I said they are pure escapism and sometimes it is good if that is all book is.

Escapism is what I mostly expect from a book... But I'm a bit masochist because I love mystery books and this is a great cocktail for a worried person like me...
I see in your profile that you are -or were- a fan of Anne Mac Caffrey... I enjoyed her Pern books, there were great ideas in there... Anne Rice is great too, although with quite sad and tortured heroes. My favs were the witches. Have you read any of them?
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