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Blake's 7 - series 3

I finally ordered the third series of "Blake's 7" on DVD and have watched most of it. I actually did get the collectors edition just for the ship. What can I say? I'm a big kid! I haven't taken it out of its plastic container yet. Many collectors will probably groan in horror but I do intend to open it. I don't see the point of owning something and keeping it within its wrapping just because it might be worth something later. This is one of my many pet hates. I once knew someone who bought all the limited edition board games (eg Star Wars monopoly) just to collect them. They would all sit on his shelf in their wrapping and collecting dust. Board games are made to be played with.

Sorry, I didn't actually mean to go on that mini rant there. I really enjoyed this series and had only seen bits of two episode in the past (thanks to badly edited videos). I knew the way in which two of the main characters left but I was kind of hoping that there would be more of an explanation but sadly no. It does mean more of Avon though and he always was one of my favourite characters. Servelan also has more of a role to play without Travis. I didn't like her character much in the first two series but grew to like her in this one. This series is also more about revenge than finding freedom which you might expect after Blake leaving. I did notice lots of actors who had also made appearances in Doctor Who. Most notably was Colin Baker looking slimmer and sporting an earring.

One thing I was waiting for was the arrival of another character. I had remember reading about her on some website and even seeing her picture. Since I only have two episodes to go I thought maybe I had imagined it. But after using google I found that I hadn't after all. Turns out there is a fourth series of Blakes' 7. I had always thought there was only the three so this was a pleasant surprise. I checked amazon to see if there was any info on its release but no joy. Something to look out for though.

I did do some more work on CW but unfortunately I left my digital camera at a friends. She's a little big for the scanner so my update will have to wait until I get my camera back. So frustrating as I can actually see in my head exactly where I left it. I also have more decorations to show and another Christmas card. Hopefully I will get my camera back tonight and I will update tomorrow.

Ronnie Barker 1929-2005

Comic Legend Ronnie Barker died on Tuesday after suffering from heart problems. My first memories of Ronnie Barker was from watching the Two Ronnies with my gran. I loved them even though I probably didn't understand most of the jokes. It wasn't until later that I also appreciated "Open All Hours" and "Porridge". Both of which were hugely popular and very funny. He will be sadly missed.

Very, very sad about big Ronnie. A genuinely talented entertainer leaving so many people so many memories. The clever thing about him was the way many of his jokes were near the knuckle without being offensive. Such as, reports are coming in that toilet seats have been stolen from the local police station. The officer in charge of the investigation into their disappearance said, "at present, we have nothing to go on"! I remember fondly his country and western singer, "I knew a girl named Peggy-Sue, She knew exactly what to do!"

My favourite sitcom is "Steptoe & Son" but I think "Porridge" is more consistently funny. Sharing his toilet roll with Godber in one episode, Fletcher hands him just one sheet and says, "Mind how you go!" Even the way he says "Mr. Mackay", in a tone of voice that comes across almost as an insult, is funny.

Ronnie Barker also appeared in an episode of "The Avengers" in the 60s! There is a Xmas special of "The Two Ronnies" recent sketchbook series still to be transmitted to remember him by.

A couple of other actors have also passed away. One of them one of those "Doctor Who" faces from the "Blake's 7" series you've just watched. Ronald Leigh-Hunt played CA One in the 7th episode "Children of Auron". In "Doctor Who" he was Commander Julian Radnor in "The Seeds of Death" and Commander Stevenson in "Revenge of the Cybermen" though he met "The Cybernauts" ten years earlier in "The Avengers". I'll best remember him though as Colonel Buchan in "Freewheelers" in which, like the Ice Warrior story, he played opposite Wendy Padbury.

The other actor is Roger Brierley. He was Trevor in "The Daleks' Master Plan" and the voice of Drathro in the first segment of "The Trial of a Time Lord". Knowing your interest in politics, more recently you may have seen him as John Biffen opposite John Hurt in "The Alan Clarke Diaries".
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