Saturday, October 01, 2005


Christmas Cross stitch

Again I would like to thank everyone for their lovely comments on CW. I have really enjoyed watching everyone else's progress too. Also seeing the progress of those who are stitching the other Celtic ladies has got me itching to get onto them too. Not to worry. I will only work on one Celtic lady at a time.

You might remember a few weeks ago I mentioned a magazine that had lots of lovely Christmas items in it that I wanted to stitch. I finally ordered the things I needed and it cam through two days ago. This is one of the cards I wanted to stitch. The material is linen which I have never used for cards before. The stitching is all done in one thread. I thought this was kind of strange but I quite like the effect. There is also no backstitch which is always a bonus. Once I had finished it seemed a little dull though so I added some red beads to brighten it up. I haven't decided how I will mount it. I might go shopping for some cards next week as I think it might look a little washed out on cream.

I also got the beads through and plastic canvas to make the tree decorations. Here are a few I have made so far. All I need is some ribbon. Not sure what colour to use though. Possibly deep green. I ordered more beads in different colours so that I can make more. Hopefully they will be a nice surprise when people open their cards.

I also managed to get in more clarinet practice and I should be able to do some more today. It is still coming back to me slowly. The fact that I have to relearn all the notes is making it more slow. I don't mind though as I actually enjoy doing it. I thought the most difficult thing would be remembering how to read music. That is proving to be the easiest. During my last practice I decided to have a go at playing some of the music I used to enjoy. One of the songs I loved playing was "Somewhere" from "The West Side Story". Actually most of the songs I loved playing were from that musical. Yesterday I decided to give it a go and found that I could play maybe about half. I didn't think I would get that far to be honest so I wasn't too disappointed considering I used to play it over and over again.

I like the idea of sending bead decorations with your christmas cards! I think I will make some with my daughter (just plastic Hama beads that you iron, she loves that) to send them to my family and friends!
Do you know that these pics made me buy some kits on Sew and So? How funny you came to comment just afterwards! I thank you very much for visiting my blog, Karen.
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