Sunday, October 16, 2005


CW Update

I haven't been near the computer the last days which is why I haven't been commenting on peoples blogs of late. I did some catching up this morning though. I have been able to get a little stitching done in the mornings. But when I have got home from work I have been too tired to do much else but read a little and then sleep. With any luck though this week will be back to normal.

I was able to get the rest of the swirls done as planned. You can now see the stain from the spilled juice. It actually shows up more in the photo than it does for real. Anyway since finishing the swirls I have noticed that stitching will only cover bits of it. I am hoping that with a little more delicate washing it might come out. My mum usually has lots of different cleaning products. With any luck she will have something that will take it out but won't ruin it. Tomorrow I am going to make a start on the rest of the gold. I'm really looking forward to that. It will be nice to work with a different colour again. Still no luck in finding the beads again. Looks like I am going to have to order them again after all. You just know that once I do I will find them.

I have a few book updates to do too but I will do that at some point this week.

Karen - CW is so lovely on that fabric - wow, you are moving right along now :-) Congratulations!
Wow Kren CW looks fantastic, I miss stitching on CA at the moment, but have bee learning to make earrings lol. Hope to get moe of mine done tonight if I get a chance I think robins can take a break tonight and tomorrow lol.

Hugs xxxxxx
That spill is such a shame! It happened to me once with a cushion on which I wanted to stitch leaves. But I had just started, the fabric was a stiff aida, and the greens were so dull to stitch, I was happy I could pretend the stain made me stop...
I really hope that you can get rid of it! It's a chance it doesn't show too much in natural light...
Anyway, I do love this CW and her swirls! Well done, Karen!
Yes! I loved your comment on my blog, and I think you're right: you need to stitch Xmas things! They really are treats! And Sew and So offer great services!
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