Sunday, October 02, 2005


First Practice To Go Bad

I did some practice as I said I would and didn't feel that I got very far. So far learning the notes again hasn't went too badly for me. I think if I wasn't enjoying it so much it would be frustrating since I used to be able to play them without too much thinking. The last few lessons in my book have been about timing and to be honest that has been the most difficult part so far. I am fine when it comes to normal 4 count beats but when the speed is doubled up I run into difficulty. I seem to stumble all over the place. The good thing is that I am not put off by it. It just means I will have to spend the next few practices going over it again. Actually it will probably take more than the next few practices. I will continue learning more notes but I will spend part of each session working on my timing until I get it right. I've actually been looking at sheet music on line. Wondering what I can order once I am back on track. This might be one of those times when I shouldn't count my chickens so I have held off ordering anything yet.

I was hoping to spend some time on CW today but instead I will be visiting some of the family. I will pick her up again tomorrow. Looks like doing the bead work on her hair and neck is out of the window for the moment. I don't know where I put the beads. I put them in a safe place since I didn't think I would be needing them so soon and now I can't remember where. Hopefully by the time I really need them I will have found them. I made a few more tree decorations yesterday and hope to get at least one more card done this week.

I admire your determination to keep going. I learned the piano as a child but have not really been able to learn anything new since I gave up lessons in my teens. Guess I'm not a natural. Keep up the practising!
I also admire you, because I studied music when I was at school and stopped eversince, although I enjoyed every moment of it. It was hard work but it was worth it as I remember almost everything... My 5 year old daughter is starting music lessons (well fun activities around a song and music instruments), and she loves it. We might have a musician in the family at last, who knows?
About those safe places where we place the precious things until we eventually need them, I see what you mean, and this sometimes keeps me up at night, so I hope you find these beads soon, so we can see a new progress pic on CW.
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