Sunday, October 09, 2005


"Forty Signs Of Rain" and "The Web Planet"

I've read Kim Stanley Robinson's "Mars Trilogy" and "Years of Rice and Salt". So when I saw "Forty Signs of Rain" I couldn't resist. This is book one of a trilogy which is the same sort of story as "The Day After Tomorrow". This is a little slower paced than the film and (in my opinion) a lot more interesting. It is set around a small group of characters. Anna Quibler is a statistical scientist. On the way to work one day she come across an interesting group of people in her building. They are in Washington to try and do something to save their small country. Their are now one of the drowning nations thanks to the rising sea levels. Charlie Quibler is a stay at home dad who also work on environmental policy for a senator. He sees the changes in weather and is concerned that it may be too late to put new measures into place. But no one will listen to him. Meanwhile Washington is warmer than usual and it is all about to come to a head.

As I mentioned earlier this book is a little slower paced than the film. It deals more with environmental politics and science. Things really don't begin to happen until the end. I remember this from Robinson's Mars books. A lot of detail went into both the politics and the science. Both of which I found really interesting. Not that I completely understand the science. However, I did find it interesting. Reading this book I couldn't help but think of all the disasters that have took place this year because of the weather. Things like the tsunami and both the hurricanes which badly affected New Orleans. In the end I was reading with concern as well as interest. I think this is a definite must read and a good one. It is classed as science fiction but it is set in the present and the science isn't all that far fetched so even non science fiction fans might enjoy it. The second book "Fifty Below" is out just now but I will wait for the paper back to come out before I get it.

"Doctor Who: The Web Planet" was only released on Monday there and I collected this one a lot quicker than I did the others. Mainly because I saw it at a really good price. Again my parents had this one on video (most people collected films on video but my parents collected Doctor Who and Star Trek, explains so much about me. lol). Surprisingly though I have never watched this one all the way through. It was bought at a time when I wasn't a huge fan of the old black and white stories. I only really enjoyed them if they involved Daleks. Since then I have grown to appreciate William Hartnell and watched the whole thing a few nights ago. The Doctor and his companions help a planet of insect-like aliens from an evil force who has taken control of them.

I found it difficult not to laugh at these actor dressed as large insects, especially the bees. I have no idea why that would be more ridiculous than other aliens. It did bring back memories of gym when I was little and we all had to run around pretending we were bees. Despite all that I still enjoyed the story. I love Hartnell's wit and it was refreshing watching one I didn't know off by heart. I have also always liked the companions Barbara and Ian. Barbara mainly because she seems more capable than a lot of the other companions. Always able to come up with a plan and keep it together. And she didn't let me down with this one as she came up with the plan of attack. This will never be one of my favourite stories but still one I enjoyed.

I'm jelouse (sp) I love Doctor Who. But do to the problems of gettting merchandise over here that can actually be used is getting a bit harder. I haven't seen that storyline in years. Next month I'll get to hear Mark Strickson speak and possibly get an autograph in my compaion book.

btw: could you get some stitching done for me as well? ;)
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