Friday, October 28, 2005


Last Two Elves

I finished the last two elves for my mum. I just need to get some ribbon. I should point out that the elf holding my initial isn't supposed to be winking. It's really difficult to do french knots on plastic. I ended up leaving him like that as I thought that it did actually make him a little sweeter.

The Christmas folder is out now and tonight I plan to reorganise it. I have lots of Christmas designs to add to it and I need to look for some cute Christmas tree designs for my nieces. I did find a penguin alphabet which I might use to make tree decorations for them.

I loove this blinking Karen elf! This turns out to be a great detail!
Kids are very attracted to penguins -I have noticed it with my daughter, Daphné, who enjoyed one that Angel San had done some time ago... So I think it's a great idea.
And I like thinking that these decorations might become family keepsakes through time... Xmas is a perfect occasion for this!
Those are so adorable! I love the "winking" one, even if it wasn't supposed to be that way, I agree it gives it a lot of personality. I haven't tried stitching on plastic, but I love the look you get w/ it. I love seeing all these different ideas!
Love the elves. I understand completely about the wink, had a few of mine do that and some stuffed elves I used to do a few years back had some odd expressions. Gives them more of a personality. Gotta have one prankster in the bunch!
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