Monday, October 24, 2005


Music Is Loud.

This blog entry is dedicated to Lili who asked how my music was getting along.

Basically it isn't getting on at the moment. It think that I have maybe had one practice since the last time I mentioned my Clarinet. It's not that I have given up on the idea or that I have lost interest. Far from it. I still want to relearn and then improve on what I did know. The main reason that I haven't been able to do anything since is that music is loud. There is no way to practice a Clarinet quietly (unless you just work on your fingering). This means that I can only practice when I have the house to myself.

The first instrument I learned to play was the recorder and I was still at primary school. I loved learning it and I used to practice all the time. The novelty never really wore off until I got to high school and had the chance to try out other instruments. I managed to pick up the recorder fairly quickly but this didn't stop me from driving my family up the wall. I remember my sister screaming at me every now and then to shut up. One time I stopped to get a glass of water and when I came back my recorder had vanished. I knew my sister had hidden it somewhere although she did deny it. It's the sort of thing that kids do. What sticks in my head about that incident is that my mum didn't intervene at any point or tell my sister off for what she did. I'm sure if I was to mention it now my mum probably wouldn't even remember it. But that is basically why am reluctant to practice when there are people in the house. I just don't want to annoy them.

I'm sure they would be fine with it. My family was very supportive when I took up the Clarinet and my sister was interested in music by then (ironically she had taken up the recorder). I would just rather be on my own when I practice.

Considering how little I am able to practice though I am surprised at how well I am actually doing. I thought that I would spend most of my time depressed over how much I had forgotten. Instead I am excited when I pick something up again. Just now I need to keep practicing the higher register. At my last practice I pulled out some of my old music again and was pleased with how some of it went. I played some of my favourites from "The West Side Story" and was able to play a little of "Music Of The Night". My incentive to keep going is a treat of some new sheet music after Christmas.

Hi Karen! Thanks for dedicating me this post, I do appreciate! I'm sorry to read that you don't dare practising when there are people in the house, but I understand you very well. Funny how some people just don't want to annoy the others! I'm one of them, too, and although I am aware that we might be missing stg, I just can't help it! I think it's fear of rejection... and this feeling I have so often, or the feeling that I just don't fit into a group and such...
Those childhood memories like your mom that didn't intervene in the conflict can be painful all your life (well, they are to me) and as a mom, I'm always very worried I might hurt my kids too... Well, we do our best with all our love and we're not perfect... If only we were less sensitive!
I'm very glad to read that your pratice was satisfying, and I hope everyone but you and your clarinet leaves the house a couple of hours pretty soon!
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