Sunday, October 30, 2005


Old Friends

I really don't have much news. I haven't done any stitching over the last few days. I have been so tired from work that I haven't been able to read either. Today though I woke up for the first time in a long time feeling that I had a proper sleep. I woke up not tired. I can't remember the last time I felt like that. Maybe it was that extra hour thanks to the clocks going back. This means I will do some stitching tonight. Probably some more decorations. I ordered some from sew and so. Lili tempted me when I saw the lovely decorations she ordered. Two of them are for my mum. One I will stitch for her and the other I will put in her Christmas present to do herself. One for myself and a chart booklet of Christmas ornaments. I will take some photos when they arrive.

It's really strange how people I used to know have been cropping up in my life the last few weeks. I bumped into a girl I used to know at school a few days ago. To be honest I didn't recognise her at all. It wasn't until she started talking to me and mentioned school that I remembered who she was. Normally I would be embarrassed by not remembering but strangely I wasn't this time. We weren't particularly friendly at school. We knew each other through friends but we didn't share any of the same classes and didn't socialise. Then yesterday I received a letter from an old friend. In high school I had a few penpals and this one lasted for years. We got to know each other pretty well and even talked about meeting up. Somehow we lost touch. She said she had this strange dream about me and the next day decided to write. Will definitely reply to her. It's funny how these things happen all at once. I also bumped into someone I used to know at university. I didn't recognise her either although I only finished a few years ago.

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