Thursday, October 20, 2005


Some Crafting Updates

I managed to get a good chunk of the metallic gold done this week. While stitching though it didn't actually feel like much. It felt like it was going a little slowly. Admittedly I would probably have got more done if I didn't have a two day hunt for the thread (from now on I stop putting things in safe places). The gold actually looks less vibrant than I thought it would. I think it will stand out a little more once I get to the edging. Carol has made a start on the border and it looks really good. I have to admit that I am itching to get onto that part. Feels like I am always looking forward to getting on to the next part but I think stitching will always have that affect on me. I know a lot of people use only one strand of the metallic thread because it is so difficult to work with. I decided to take this advice on board. The thread still snags and becomes all frayed but it's easier to handle. And before it gets too bad I give up on it and start afresh with another strand. I think metallic thread will always be difficult to work with. It's the price we pay for the sparkle.

I haven't made any more decorations yet (sorry Lili) but I did make some cards yesterday. I wasn't actually planning on making any. I got my card making things out to make a card for a friend. I had zero inspiration and ended up making these. I'm not sure who they will be sent out to but they still go along with my Christmas tree theme. I haven't actually had much card making inspiration in a while. Last year I couldn't get enough of making them. This year it has all gone. It's not that I am bored with it or anything. I just go blank when I try. These ones just happened as I hadn't really any intention of making them. Maybe that's why I could do them.

Sorry I still haven't gotten round to those book reviews. I will soon, promise!

Well done on your progress, she looks really good. Does your gold stand out more in real life than it does in the photo? Mine does. I've been umming and arring about whether I should be using two strands - I did with Celtic Christmas in the dress but not the border. Can't make up my mind!
Hiya Karen

Wow you are doing well on CW, she looks fab. Love the cards too. I still have not touch CA for another week, feeling bad now, so I think after making earrings this weekend I will sit down and stitch on her.

Hugs xxxxxx
You are progressing so well and fast with Celtic Winter!!! I like metallic threads used sparingly, so I think it's a great idea to just use one. Here in France, we cannot find any Kreinik stuff except on the web. So, for Mama Christmas, which I started yesterday, I took the new Light Effects by DMC... They seem to be softer than their previous metallics. We will see...
My probem with cards is that I never send any for Christmas or New Year, so I don't really see why I should make any, except -may be- for fellow stitchers who would appreciate them... Enjoy your WE!
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