Thursday, October 06, 2005


Some cross stitch updates

Sorry for the dark photo. I did take one with the flash on but you couldn't see her at all. I have just about finished with the top half of her body (other than the beads, still can't find them). I made a small start to the swirls at the bottom of her dress. I am basically doing this the same way I did Celtic Christmas. I work down one strip of blocks on the chart at a time. It means a lot of thread changes but I am less likely to get lost this way. I enjoy following the pattern of the swirls and watching them form. It takes my mind away from the boring colours. I must admit that they don't look that boring on the fabric. I can't wait to see how the gold turns out on the bottom of her dress.

This is the Christmas card I stitched this week. This one is worked with the usual two strands. The red beads and metallic thread was already part of the design so I didn't have to brighten it up. I did add the charm to the third tree though. I ordered a pack of star charms hoping to use them on these designs. Unfortunately the rest of the stars are a little too big. I am thinking of going with the Christmas tree theme this year. So I will hunt out some more designs and hopefully the stars will fit them. If not I am sure I will find a use for them at some point.

Lastly here are more tree decorations. I was able to do quite a few this week. I've still to buy some ribbon though. I will try to remember to do that at the weekend. I was thinking of making more of the bobbles. I thought of making one for each of my nieces but do the bands in different colours. If I remember I could do this for them each year and so they could collect each of the designs. There are a few other designs I want to do so hopefully I will have some more photos for you after the weekend.

Celtic Winter is certianly coming along! Well done!
Congrats for CW, she's precising herself so beautifully!
Xmas decorations: I love love love them! I finished one too, I will soon post it on my blog. Are they all kits or do you do some with your own beads on plastic canvas?
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