Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Two Book Reviews

Before I go on to review a couple of books I want to give an update on CW. I am nearing the end of the swirls in the whites and grays. I think that by the end of the week I might have that done and then I can move on to the metallic gold. I'm looking forward to this as I think that it will really stand out. You don't have to use the metallic threads though. Gill is using Anchor reflecta and the effect is lovely. I think it really works because it is more subtle, softer. I think it will look gorgeous once finished.

I did have a bit of an accident although you can't see it in this photo. My sister left some juice lying and it took a spill. It's really my own fault since I left my stitching out. There are two splodges on the fabric although they are now faint because I washed it. The worst one will be covered by the frame but the second one I am hoping will be covered by the stitching as it won't come out. I've learned my lesson about having my stitching sitting out anyway.

My clarinet practice is going well. I did some more work on my rhythms and it is improving. So I felt comfortable in moving on to other notes. It's really funny how different people are attracted to different sounds. When I first began learning the Clarinet my dad once asked me to practice in the living room so he could here it. He didn't mind that I wasn't able to play any proper music yet but actually wanted me to play certain notes over and over again. With him it was all the lower notes. I couldn't understand it at the time as I had always been attracted to the high notes (although I hadn't learned these as yet). Now though I can appreciated it. There is just something about the lower range of notes. Today though I am moving on to the higher range which means that I will soon be able to practice some of the music I used to enjoy playing at school.

I actually find it really difficult to review books by Haruki Murakami. His books keep you thinking long after you have finished them. I am never sure what they really mean or are trying to say. When I finally think that I have got it worked out I begin to doubt this and the thinking starts all over again. "Norwegian Wood" is the only one so far which is pretty straight forward. "After the Quake" is no different from the others unless you count the fact that it is a collection of short stories. All the stories are connected by the fact that each of the main characters are affected in some way by an earthquake which hit Kobe. I'm sure there are other ways too but I have yet to think out what that is. Possibly a feeling of emptiness inside each of the characters but I am sure there is more to it. I will never tire of Murakami's work. I love how each of his stories flow and I love all of his characters. I would recommend anyone to give one of his books a try.

"Knife Edge" by malorie Blackman is book two in her Noughts and Crosses trilogy. In this one we meet Sephy again who has just had her baby. She is alone. Rejected by both noughts and crosses. Only her love for Callum and now Callie Rose is keeping her going. Meanwhile Callum's brother, Jude, has been rejected from the Nought terrorist group. His need for revenge has turned into pure hatred for all crosses. He has the chance to rid himself of that hatred but it only confuses him, causing him to carry out an outrageous act. Now his enemy, Sephy, is the only one who can save him.

This one isn't quite as good as the first one. The pace is a little slower at the start. However, in the last hundred or so pages it really does pick up and brings it back to the same level as the first one. A great book dealing with difficult issues.

Hey Karen, wow she looks fab, I seriously have not picked mine up at all for 2 wks now and I have not blogged either oh dear best get on with it lol

Hugs xxxxxx
You a doing a great job on Celtic Winter - the swirly patterns on the dress look good even without the gold. Thanks for the positive words about the thread I am using! I'm also quite careless about leaving my stitching lying around - especially dangerous since there is a young dog in my home! I did get a nasty stain on a flower fairy once but luckily the flower went over it - hopefully your stitching will cover the splodge.
Wow, CW is really growing - she looks amazing! Congrats!
I like your book comments, although in France, we don't always have them, or not at the same time... but it makes me itchy to read, although I spend all my time stitching or blogging at the moment. Normally, I'm a bookworm.
I have just made a few posts on my blog, one of them might be of interest for you, it's about learning foreign languages...
Can't wait to see new updates on CW! Have a nice stitching WE! Hugs!
PS: as you will see, I adored your long post!
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