Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Your Inner Child Is Scared

Like a kid, you tend to shy away from new experiences.
You prefer what's tried and true - novelty is scary!
New foods, new places, and new friends are difficult for you to deal with.
Some say you're predictable, but you enjoy being comfortable.
How Is Your Inner Child?
I got this quiz from Lili. I have to admit that it is sort of true. I would never have classed my inner child as scared though.

I would never want to be indiscret (is this an English word?) but I really wonder what sort of inner child you thought you would be? Your result would have fitted me too, as I am a very worried person... afraid of novelty and such... I need to go again on that quizz, I think it's possible to see the other profiles... I must admit that I didn't like my own result either... It's just quizzes anyway! But thanks for playing the game, Karen! Looking forward to read your next post. Hugs.
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