Monday, November 07, 2005


"Deerskin" and "Dancing Barefoot"

"Deerskin" by Robin McKinley.

A young princess loves to hear the story of how her father won the hand of the most beautiful women of the seven kingdoms. She is largely forgotten by everyone as they all have eyes only for her parents. And her parents have eyes only for each other. When her mother dies her father retreats into madness and the princess is largely to her own until she comes of age. Everyone then notices how like her mother she is, including her father. With all this unwanted attention she runs away with her dog Ash. She forgets who she is and becomes deerskin. The woman who can find and look after lost creatures.

I read this because a friend recommended it to me. We like a lot of the same things. However, I found it really dull and boring. Things didn't get interesting until the end. And that wasn't worth forcing myself through the rest of the book. Like most of McKinley's books it is based on a fairy tale. I am not sure which one as I didn't recognise it but if it wasn't for that I probably wouldn't have finished it. Don't let what I say put you off if you think that you would like to try it. As I said earlier my friend really enjoyed it. I probably will read more of her books though. Ever since reading "Beauty" by Sheri S. Tepper. I have become interested in books which use fairy tales as their base. If anyone know of any other authors who have written books based on them please let me know. I would love to hear about them.

"Dancing Barefoot" by Wil Wheaton.

This is the second book by Wil Wheaton. It contains five stories that are taken from his blog. They were originally supposed to be in his book "Just A Geek" but there wasn't enough room for them. Four of them are about his general life. Funny and sad stories about his family and childhood memories. The last story is about his acceptance by the Star Trek family. I think that is something that he always looked for from the fans as well as the people from the show. He writes about how he was rejected by his hero William Shatner and then goes on to talk about how he created his own fan base. It's a good read but only if you know Wil Wheaton (either through his acting career or his blog. Actually even you non Start Trek fans might enjoy it. Most of you will probably know him as one of the kids from "Stand By Me" and might find it interesting from that view point. It's a short book and a quick read. Those of you who have read his blog or "Just a Geek" will probably find the Star Trek story familiar but it is still worth reading.

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