Thursday, November 10, 2005


Hang Head In Shame!

Yep, I broke my own oath! Yes, my mum always told me I should never make promises I can't keep. I blame stupid sudoku and stupid lack of will power. I would say stupid books too but that would be almost blasphemy (my love of books is almost a form of worship). So I have been doing a lot of sudoku and a lot of reading and no stitching. If anyone else has read "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger they will know how difficult it is to put down. Anyone who hasn't should. It really is a great read. I'll do a proper review later. Also if anyone know of any authors or titles who have based stories on fairy tales I will be interested to hear of them. I already know of Gregory Maguire, Robin McKinley and Sheri S. Tepper. Really sorry about the broken promise. I will do stitching at some point this week. In my defense though I have gotten a third angel finished for my gran. I wanted to get the last one finished though before I posted a photo.

don't feel bad ! sudoku is very addictive. But after a while, you do less of it, and go back to your usual activities... I remember I did sudoku non stop for about a week at first, buit now it's occasional. Leave it time...
OK! Don't feel bad, Karen! I feel better to see that I'm not the only one who can't keep up the pace... It's all about having fun, so if you did, it's great!
Don't worry about it, like lili I'm glad to not be the only one who can't keep up with the pace. I don't know how angelsan does it, she seems to produce about 10 new things a day and hold down a job! I think she must drink a lot of Red Bull....

You may want to check out "The Bloody Chamber" by Angela Carter. It is a whole series of short stories all based on fairy tales. I was forced to read it at university (did english lit and language) and couldn't get on with it at the time, but I think I would enjoy it more now.
Hey don't worry about it, it doesn't matter! Sometimes when you vow to do something it makes it even harder to actually do it. You'll stitch when you feel like stitching!
The Time Travelers Wife was one of my favourite books of last year. I
loved it so much that I recommended it for the book group that I belong to and read it again for that. And loved it as much the second time around. I laughed and cried over this one. Magical.
Following Tallulah's recommendation, one of Angela Carter's short stories, based on "Little Red Riding Hood", was turned into the film "The Company of Wolves" by Irish director Neil Jordan.

What do you think of the new-look Cybermen?!!
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