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Little Angels

Okay so these little angels look miserable but that really is just the angle, honest! I got this design from cross stitcher but I couldn't tell you which edition. It was filed away long ago so probably from two years ago. These were originally for my nieces. However, I started stitching the first one too high on the plastic. It wasn't until I had almost finished the angel that I noticed there was no room for the letter. I still liked the little angel and I still wanted to make ones with letters for my nieces. So I have decided to make a set of these ones for my gran. I changed the dresses to a deep red as it looked more Christmassy. Also I wanted them all the same to prevent fighting (not that my gran will fight). The wings are made with the same pearly white thread I used in the lettering of one of the elves. I also used metallic gold for the backstitch in the hair. I plan on making a few more of these ones. I will still use the same design for my nieces but will use blues and silvers instead.

Hi Lili, I have read all of Anne McCaffreys Pern books. I came across them about a year or so ago. The only one I haven't read is the second one she did with her son. I am waiting for it to come out in paperback. They were pure escapism too but there was more of a story to these than the Mercedes Lackey. I read the first one again not that long ago. It really wasn't how I remembered it. The story was the same but I remembered it to be a lot better than what it was. I think I built it up too much in my head since I read it. I would still love to read them all again but I have so many other books I want to read. I have read a lot of Anne Rice too. I went through a horror phase when I was younger. After reading a lot of Stephen King and then seeing "Interview With A Vampire" I read a lot of her Vampire Chronicles. I liked how they were all linked and written almost in diary form. I can't remember how many I read but I did get bored after a while. I think I sickened myself with them. I read one of the witches books. But if I was to read the rest I would have to go back and read the first one again. I remember virtually nothing about it. I do remember that I really enjoyed it though.

The angels are adorable! I'm sure your gran will will love them.
These angels are so adorable, classical style, not "copied" on trendy flower fairies, and I love them. Great choice of colours, too, Karen! No wonder your Gran will love them, and so will your nieces as I remember being fascinated by angels as a kid...
Anne Rice is a great author, but I got sickened by her vampires' chronicles, too... Their tone is so sad, nostalgic, cynical sometimes... I preferred the witches from far... The description of New Orleans, Lasher... Some characters are in the two series (Talamasca...). I like those intertwined stories...
They're good memories. I've read the first two twice: in English first, and in French a few years later...
Anne Mac Caffrey did great with the books that referred to the first inhabitants of Pern... Here in France, her books were issued in the wrong order, so I finally couldn't see when we were... and finally let it down after 12 books or so (can't remember exactly, it was about 12 years ago...). I sold them on Price Minister a few months ago, and got a good price for these as many of them were no longer sold in bookshops.
I know it's a very long post but I have one last question that refers to the working of the blog: I see that you put a link directly into your text towards my blog, and I thank you for this! I wish I could do the same when I mention you or San, for instance. How do I do that?
All right. Thanks for reading me until the end... Take care!
Your little angels are wonderful! I love the colors and I agree w/ Lili that the classical style is so much nicer. :)

I am pleased to see not just one but "2" Anne Rice fans here. :) I LOVE her books! I started w/ the vampire books, but my favorites are the witches and I've read them all. I especially loved Blackwood Farm as it combined both the world of the witches and vampires. Having been to New Orleans and lived in the South made them even more appealling to me. :)
I need to go to my bookshop: I don't remember this Blackwood Farm... I think I read three books... Are there more?
Hugs to you, Anne Rice fans!
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