Tuesday, November 15, 2005


New Cyberman

For those of you who read the Timewardens comment about the new cyberman this is what they now look like. At first I wasn't too sure. The body is so very different from the originals. It looks more mechanical which does make sense since they are supposed to be robots. I also think that the narrower face makes it a little more scary. I can picture a lot of new generation fans out there being a little scared of them. If used properly I think they will be good though. I'm really looking forward to seeing them in action.

Thanks everyone for your comments on Christmas. The image wasn't of my Christmas tree I'm afraid. Our tree is a smaller and very few of our decorations match. There are a lot of handmade things from when my sister and I were kids. Also whenever any of us go away on holiday we always bring my mum back a decoration for the tree. I think the earliest we have put our tree up is maybe a week into December.

I got the image of the Cyberman from the BBC.

oooh, they have really updated the cybermen havent they. Quite a bit more scary looking than the last update that's for sure.
Christmas tree: I thought it wasn't your tree after a second look! It doesn't look real! My xmas tree is also a mixing of things we buy when travelling and such, so that every decoration (almost) has a story, and this makes decorating even more pleasant! Besides, as I have way too many of them -add the baubles I have made myself...- and the kids want to hang as many as possible, the tree -a plastic one- almost disappears under them!
Take care!
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