Thursday, November 03, 2005


Nothing much to say.

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who commented on the angels. I haven't made the next two yet. I did finally buy some ribbon. I used dark green for the angels. I won't bother taking another photo. No doubt you will see it when I finish the set. I also changed my mind over the colours for my nieces. Originally I was thinking of blues. Instead I thought I would stitch the dresses white, the wings gold and the lettering metallic red. I like blues at Christmas but gold and red seems more traditional.

Thanks to Lili and Kim I am going to have to go back and read Anne Rice. As I said before I only read the one witches book. But since they are better than the Vampire Chronicles I will go back and give them another try. It won't be until after Christmas as I have a huge pile to go through just now. I enjoyed the cross overs too as I do remember something about that in the vampire stories. I always liked the organistaion which watched these supernatural creatures and catalogued their history. I always felt that a book could be done on the organisation itself. I don't know if maybe it appeals to me because I enjoy history. I actually have a nasty habit of buying a book because what I have seen to the back makes it look interesting. Okay so not really a nasty habit but I only read enough to catch my interest. I don't pay close attention to the details. So the first time I tried one of the witches book it wasn't the first one. I think I read a good portion of it before I put it down in frustration because I didn't understand what was going on. It wasn't until I looked at it again I realised what I had done. I didn't finish it funnily enough and it was some time later before I read the first one. You would think that I would learn but I do this at least once a year.

For all Anne Rice fans this is her official website. I didn't actually realise that there was a Lestat musical!

Love your little angels !

I can't read Anne Rice, even if I enjoy it. I'm cursed with these books, and to some extend, the movies too. Bad things happened to me the 2 times I wanted to read the witches series.

I liked the Queen of the damned movie, the music is great in there ;)
Everyone has different reading habits, I often read the ending of the book before reading the rest. If I like the last page then I figure I will like the whole book... LOL

If you are interested more in the Talamasca, Anne has a couple of books that focus more on them. Tale of the Body Thief, that has some focus on David Talbot of the Talamasca and Merrick. All of her books briefly discuss the Talamasca but none focus solely on them. Maybe we should write her w/ that suggestion. :)

I love that's she's re-vamped (hee, hee) her website. Although I think it's a shame that she's selling her houses in Louisiana as the one in the Garden District is the inspiration for the witche series.
The Talamasca have an important role in the Mayfair witches story, so you might appreciate! That is, if you can read it starting with number one... Reminds me of Anne Mac Caffrey's books... not in the right order: this is discouraging...
I'll visit this site! Thank you, Karen!
Why is she selling this house I have dreamed of? Is it cheap? lol
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