Sunday, November 13, 2005


Too Soon For Christmas?

I love Christmas. I love just about everything to do with Christmas. I don't mind when the shops start early with their Christmas campaigns. Simply because it's never too soon to start your Christmas shopping. That and you know it is going to happen anyway. It seems like it happens earlier every year but it's easy to ignore since most don't begin their Christmas music until December. It's never too soon to organise for Christmas. And I have been feeling the Christmas spirit for a while now. Stitching things for Christmas does that to me. I don't force it onto others though. I know there are a number of people out there who don't want to hear or see anything Christmas related until the week before at most. You can try to force Christmas on these people but from experience most just become grumpier and you will get the occasional "ba humbug" out of them (my lovely boyfriend is one of them).

Walking along my street the other day I counted several Christmas trees up at windows. I haven't walked along this part of the street in a while so I have no idea how long they have been there. Even that is too soon for me. I suppose of they had children who badgered their parents into putting their trees up early I could understand it. But many of them don't. When I was little my sister and I would be among those children who badgered their parents into putting the decorations up as soon as possible. In our case it never worked and looking back I'm glad it didn't. After a while you become used to them and don't notice that they are there. Every time you switch your tree lights on you should feel a sense of excitement that Christmas is almost here. I just think that you would lose that if you put them up too soon. If anyone disagrees with this I would love to hear about it.

I did do some stitching yesterday. I made a start on a Christmas decoration for my mum. I have still to do one more angel for my gran which I had planned to do last night. I was stitching over at the boyfriends and had everything with me apart from the chart. So I decided to make a start on the decoration. I haven't taken a photo since there is not much to see but at least I have lifted the needle again.

Hello Karen!
I so totally agree with you! I start talking about Christmas in august-september, just after summer holidays... I guess this helps me keep going! The pleasure of anticipation, preparing gifts, thinking of the kids' joy, decorating the house... it's almost a bigger pleasure for me than D day itself...
My house always gets decorated during the 1st WE of December or on the 1st wednesday (depending on which comes first), it's a tradition. I am already "humming" christmas songs like "happy holiday"...
My new puter is defective, so I'm very glad I'm able to reach your blog today... in particular when I happen to have a discussion about Christmas, and see this GORGEOUS Christmas tree! Is it yours back in 2004?
Take care!
I love all the excitement that surrounds Christmas, I like all the associated stuff, Father Christmas, snow, Christmas dinner, all the treaty stuff that surrounds it. And I also enjoy cross stitching Christmas designs. I love the fun of it. But I am always very disorganised over it .... if I manage to get cards out in time its a miracle and as for present buying, Christmas eve it is!
Hum... I'm a bit mixed on this. For me, it's too soon to see Christmas in shops and on telly. Makes me want to curl up and not look at it. I don't decorate my place as I spend Christmas in France.
But for gift making, I agree you have to take loads of time in advance, or transform in gift maker factory over the last month !!! I'mhappy and relived I'm finished with my Christmas "must make", and now everything is extra, just going at my own pace...

I like Christmas now, but soon I'll be sick of it. THinking that the parties aren't so great, and once it's after Christmas, we're almost done for the holidays... depressing ;)
It may technically be too soon, but the retailers are determined to get a jump on Xmas. I don't mind, except that it seems that Fall just gets crowded out and POOF it's Winter. ;) I think if there's any reason I'm not ready for Xmas decorations it's because I'm not ready for winter. :)
what you said echos my feelings on the subject too.I come from a family that always made a big thing out of the build up to Christmas ,but my DH had the opposite.I enjoy the feeling of buying a special gift with some thought behind it for each person I buy for and wrapping them listening to Christmas music.I like to trim tree with decorations I bought when we first got married and add a few new ones each year.
I don't mind christmas and all it's trimmings. It's the department stores and "commercialization" That can take a lot of the fun out of the holiday(I feel this for all the holidays). In craft stores I tend to be a bit more tolerant though since it does take a bit of time to stitch some of the wonderful patterns out there.

It just seems to me that somewhere along the way the meaning of christmas has disappeared. Anywho, the earliest my sister and I got mom to set up the tree was the 1December but we couldn't start decorating it till a week or 2 before christmas.
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