Monday, December 12, 2005


Back and still feeling festive

I'm now back from my few weeks away for work and so glad to be in my own bed and having home cooked meals. I haven't yet had a chance to catch up with everyone's blogs or leave comments. Although I have had a quick look round. So if it takes me a week to get round to you I am really sorry as I am straight back into normal work. I think that by the end of the week though I will have caught up.

As you can see I did manage to do a little stitching while I was away. I was able to do some more of the gold in CW and have almost finished with the metallic gold in her dress. I had hoped to completely finish with it but sleep usually won over my stitching. With the run up to Christmas I hope to at least finish with her dress. Not sure how realistic that goal is since I have still to finish Christmas shopping and send out Christmas cards. I am looking forward to going round and seeing how everyone else has gotten on with her while I was away.

I also managed to finish the angel tree decorations for my gran. These are the last two. Unfortunately I didn't realise how little time I had left until Christmas when I came back so I haven't made enough for everyone. I certainly don't have enough time to make the ones I wanted for my nieces and be able to send them off. I've decided to hang on to them and use them next year. My mum will get hers but that's it. Same with Christmas cards. I haven't left enough time to finish them so everyone will get a bought one this year.

I was also able to finish the Christmas decoration that I got from Sew and so. I had intended on keeping this one for myself. However, I left behind the one I was making for my mum and I doubt I will get it finished on time. So I have given her this one. I will still give her the original decoration as it's a Santa and she collects santas. That's my stitching completely up to date.

Thanks to the festive season I am itching to stitch more decorations. I am thinking of buying some more in the new year. Those will be to make a start on my own collection. I am hoping to get my own place next year so I want some nice decorations to start with. My mum put up her tree yesterday and it was fun looking at all her decorations. She only has a small collection of non matching decorations. These are some handmade ones and then the ones we bring her back from other places. I have promised that I will add a few to them next year.

It actually got me thinking about Christmas characters and how everyone has a favourite. For my mum it is santas since she collects them. When I was little angels and fairies were my favourite. Now though it is snowmen. There are a lot of great cross stitch Christmas scenes out there but my favourites are always ones with snowmen. Also blues are my favourite Christmas colours whereas my mums are red. So here is a question; what is your favourite Christmas characters and colours? Which makes you feel the most festive?

Hi Karen! It's so nice to have you back on the web! We missed you!
Your update on your last cross stitch achievements is very beautiful. CW is visibly taking shape! I looooove your angels! And your snowmen are very very cute, they look so nice...
I see that you haven't been able to achieve all the Xmas stitching you wanted to, same for me and most of us I'm afraid. Like you, I plan to buy some decorations to make from Sew and So for myself because I haven't kept many... I hope there are sales in january then.
Xmas colours: red and gold, with a little white. I guess. Fav characters: Santas, but I don't like when their nose is red -they look drunk) or -generally- when they're only heads, because they remind me of the French revolution: poor beheaded santa!
Good question, and I long to see everybody's answers!
Take care, and don't forget to get some rest!
You made good progress. Where do these beautiful little angels come from? Ann.
Welcome back Karen, we miss you!!! Your CW is looking great.
CW is really stiking. Good work. angels are adorable.
Welcome back!!!!!!!!!! Nice to see you back in the blog :-) Your CW is looking nothing short ot AMAZING!!! Woo Hoo!
Seems like your needles are burning ! So many nice christmas stitches !!!

My favourite character is... snowman. And angels. And baby jesus. and pinguins. But no santa.
Congrats on all of your stitching progress. CW is coming along very nicely, and I enjoyed seeing your Christmas stitching.

I guess my favorite Christmas characters are snowmen, though Santas would come in a close second. My favorite Christmas color is definitely red.
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