Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Christmas Question #10 and CW

Wow, so many favourite Christmas songs. I like most of those that everyone mentioned too.

What is the strangest gift you received or gave? I have to admit that I haven't received that many strange ones. I did get a puppet from two different people two years in a row. I thought that was a little strange. They weren't made by the individuals and I don't collect puppets. They were just novelty things from the Gadget shop. Mind you I am a bit of a kid so I can sort of see where they got the idea from. I probably gave away a lot of strange gifts when I was little but nothing springs to mind.

I managed to do a little more work on CW. I finished the trim of her dress and have now made a start on the lettering. I am hoping that by the end of January I will have completely finished. That's my goal anyway. I think if I keep going with her I could probably manage it.

Hi Karen! I haven't answered any of your questions yet (I only realized Christmas was coming this morning! lol), and I thought I would do so in one big blog. Problem is, I can't seem to access your blog entries earlier than question #4. Can you email me the first three questions or re-post them?

Thanks so much! I will post my answers when I have all the questions.
I'm not sure about the giving of strange gifts. though thinking back on my childhood, it wouldn't surprise me to find out I'd done a few. As for received...just so you understand, I live in a small apartment with limited space and a nearly non-existant kitchen. I've been given windchimes (cheap variety and the rule around here is that nothing can be hung outside the building or off the door.) large pizza stone plate, a gift basket of scented shampoo, soap etc that I was allergic to. (not sure if the person knew I was alleric to it or not, but manners kept me quiet) We won't even touch the jewelery sets some family members have given where near my tastes....
I miss alot of posts as server was down for few days. For a quick wrap.
Your CW is progressing really well.
My favourite Xmas songs would be Silent Night and Do They Know It's Xmas(Feed The World)

I've always like white Xmas. The tree would be white and the trinket or ornies would be in sparkling baby blue. :)
The gift that most surprised me was a crystal elephant ornie that my cousin offered me to hang in my tree. It was a thoughtful gift because I used to collect elephants at that time, and at the same time, I would'nt have ever thought of placing one in my tree. Now, every year, I place it myself, out of the reach of children and cat, with a special thought for her that revives every time I see it.
The strangest gifts I have offered are probably antique fishing reels that my father collects, and as they're hard to find, you couldn't please him more...
Karen: you're right, there are weird things in gadget shops and people really ought to think twice before buying them... except when they're really really really cute!!!
Bastet: I know some people who have small homes, so I always try to offer something tiny and cute, or something that they can eat, so it doesn't take place...
Take care!
I'm drawing a complete blank on this one, although I'm sure that I must have received some weird gifts over the years. Probably from my dad, as he was never a gifted shopper. He was responsible for the strangest gift *ever*, but it wasn't a Christmas present. It was something he picked up for me on vacation. My mom tried to gently discourage him, but he insisted that he just HAD to get it for me... it was a small stuffed cat, made out of real fur, and wearing a weird Victorian hat with feathers and pearls. And I had to act like I loved the thing, because he was so very thoughtful in getting it. He has since passed away, so of course it is now among my most treasured possessions, because it makes me laugh every time I see it.
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